Spiritual Sportsman spirit
John F Williams | 19 Jan 2012

The great scorer is to write the game you played

IT IS not about whether you win or lose but how you played the game is more important. When it comes to the game of life, going for the gold is less important.

We can approach the game of life in different ways ; how to incorporate the religion, to extract as much sensual and emotional pleasure as possible on each day ,with their personal preferences, while others accept religion as a mean to achieve temporal success in life. The real religion means to follow scriptural regulations to develop our relationship with God and return to His Kingdom.

Instead of taking religion seriously, we might be inclined to play the game of life according to our own rules. Yet another group views religion as a path to enlightenment, success or failure is neither their focus nor the ultimate purpose of their life.

Participation certainly has several options in how they approach any sport or game; often determined by their level of maturity. Our God always remains behind the scene through his various energies. We can take a higher pleasure from spiritually interacting with God and embrace religion for its true transcendent purpose.

We have made our life full of sufferings by turning away from God and forgetting him. We need to live righteously in the world acting in accordance with the principles of religion. When the Great Scorer comes to write against our name, he marks - not that you won or lose. But how you played the Game, HE is going to write against your name.