Spirituality on sale
Shefali Saxena | 27 Jan 2011

Did Shivji tell the Nandi Bail and Ganeshji to search each and every pocket of the followers and bhakts when they arrive in his premises? Who would love to be awfully embarrassed while meeting God!

THE ANCIENT, Holy City of Banaras (now Varanasi) has lost it’s pious atmosphere, you can no more breathe in the purest form of spirituality which the City has been boasting of since centuries in the name of God! The ghat’s have nearly vanished, the River Ganga flows with ‘human disgrace’.
You wouldn’t feel like carrying a vessel full of the holy water back home for your Grandma! The city once known and worshipped since centuries by the Hindu faith has lost it’s grace amongst the greed of the Pandits, commercialisation of the oldest temples India has had.

Pay up Rs 1500 and get to attend the ‘Mangla Aarti’ at 3 am in the morning! Which of us knew that God will meet us at 3 in the morning with a fee of Rs.1500 to have a glimpse of him? Or how many of us would have wondered that even God needs security guards! That too two at each entrance! Did Shivji tell the Nandi Bail and Ganeshji to search each and every pocket of the followers and bhakts when they arrive in his premises? Who would love to be awfully embarrassed while meeting God!

Who would like to worship God in such an atmosphere?

Rather one will loose all sense of spirituality and faith when he/she would be standing in a half a kilometer long line for about three hours , fidgeting, fighting, balancing the vessel of milk and rose water to offer it to God! And thankfully when you will reach the main idol, the ‘eight’ security guards shall thunder and scream at the top of their voices to let go off within seconds!

I believe today the best way to reach or worship God at Kashi Vishwanath temple is to become the security guard! And that too, not of the main entrance, but of the main building where the idol of  Shivji is kept!

There too, you’ll have duty hours, so technically, this will give you a chance to be with Shivji, personally without Nandi, Ganeshji, and Parvati ma,for atleast eight hours I believe!

Wow! What a treat !

So to quench your religious thirst, there’s hardly any easy way to drink.
Those who get a chance to see the wild dance and activities during the ‘Aarti’ ,will rather be horrified and will feel like running away, telling Shivji, “See you later God! Got to go, your Pandits and their successors, are frightening me!”

And those who make it to the main temple shall definitely forget the list of prayers they had mugged up in their minds to tell God there and then. People who come from far far away, forget their purpose and prayers in God’s Kingdom!

Crossing all physical barriers to see God, coming on to the main SALE! Today we are expected ‘ethically’ to pay up atleast Rs.11 whenever we get the vermilion or the sacred thread tied on our wrists!

We never pondered that the Pandits and Pujaris are accountants and shopkeepers and we are taxpayers who need to pay up while we get all this done! And if you don’t follow the so called tradition or custom, you are said to be offending God, it’s regarded unethical to not to offer the Pandit with some money when you take the Prasad or get the thread tied! There are wealthy people who try and bribe God with Lakhs and crores of rupees, and they really believe that their wishes shall be granted. So does the common man think that spend bucks and fill trucks of wishes!

Today religion is being sold at the cost of the faith in religion and moral values!
Your economic status determines the fixing up of a three minute glimpse of God , if you can afford the Pandits!

The disheartening situation and commercialisation of religious and ethical values has created a vaccum in religious oceans! This calls for the immediate and alarming awakening of the religious spirits of the masses as well as constitutional action on the pujaris and the pandits who serve the temple in order to serve their own greed and lust for money in the name of worship and religious activities.

God never wanted himself to be put on SALE. If this atmosphere continues to stay, the human race shall be termed ‘DEAD and DEFICIENT’ whenever we shall talk about God and Faith!

Who knows, Allah and Shivji are best buddies in Heaven! Who would wonder that Santa rides on Ganeshji’s Mouse!

The SALE is man-made, but man is God-made!

In the end, Please do wonder, if God sets into some real Destructive-Action, what shall happen to this so called commercialized religion being run as an industry!
Imagine the plight of the Pandits if God plants a bomb in their ponies when they try to bribe him or rob a common man on account of the money he pays up to conduct a religious ceremony. The title to my write-up would change into~ BOMBED when BRIBED!