Spread the message of love, compassion and peace :Nitish Kumar

About 200 Buddhist monks and nuns with devotion and happiness were smiling with the statue of Lord Gautam Buddha, Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar and the Princess of Bhutan on September 13 at the Buddha Smriti Park in Patna. All monks and nuns were wearing saffron coloured dresses.

That memorable occasion was the inauguration of the unique Buddha Smriti Museum in the campus of the Buddha Smriti Park at the total cost of Rs.25 crore. It is situated near the North–West side of the Patna Junction in Patna. There is a beautiful large statue of Lord Gautam Buddha with smiling face, sitting in a meditation position with a hand of blessing. This beautiful statue is situated near the gate of the museum.


Princess of Bhutan Ashi Kesang Wangao Wangchuk inaugurated the Buddha Smriti Museum after the seminar there. Princess, Buddhist delegates including the local guests were very happy in the park. They were smiling like blooming lotus flowers. The delegates from 20 countries were present in this memorable historical event.


Bodh Gaya is already a holiest city and tourist spot for the Buddhists in the world.

Therefore it is not necessary to declare it a sacred city. The recent serial blasts at the

centre of the peace- Bodh Gaya temple was shameful. Now the security of the shrine

has been tightened. In the next six months about 21 million devoted national and

international tourists are expected to visit the centre of Peace- Bodha Gaya,” said the Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar during his inaugural address at the Buddha Smriti Park in Patna recently.


The State Government’s latest plan is to complete the Buddhist Circuit to encourage

religious tourism in Bihar. Bodhagaya, Vaishali, Patna, Jehanabad, Rajgir, Nalanda,

Bhagalpur, East Champaran,and West Champaran are ancient historical Buddhist

tourist places of Bihar. Let us spread the message of love, compassion, peace, and

environmental conservation from here.” Mr Kumar added.


A German nun shared her experience about the value of girls’ and women education

for women empowerment in the society.


Secretary General of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC),Lama Lobzong,

some senior Budhhist monks nuns and Principal secretary of the Department of Art

and Culture the Government of Bihar, Chanchal Kumar also shared their experiences

during the seminar.


Chief secretary of the CM, Anjani Kumar Singh, Director of the Art and Culture

Department, Vinay Kumar and the Cultural advisor Pavan Verma were also present

in the programme.


Not doubt this unique Buddha Smriti Park of Patna would be an international tourist

place in future for the Buddhist tourists in the world.