St.Agnes High School – Heads Off to Sr.Luiza
Placida Dsouza | 31 Jul 2015

Few days ago we read about the controversies around St. Agnes High School. The principal of the school was asked to apologise in front of political power. What does it mean and what they were trying to prove?

It's sad to know that nuns who put in all their efforts towards the bright future of the girls, had to come down to their dignity just to prove that the political power exist…which is not a right practice. Every individual whose children are gaining education from any institute should know the rules and regulations which are to be practiced.

Speaking of St. Agnes High School, it has it own reputation. There are scholars, film stars and singers who had passed out from the school. They owe to the school and the teachers who have taught them and given them their lessons and guidance to face life on a larger ground. Contribution of everybody at the school is counted from the watchman at the gate, teachers in the classroom and the head of the school, the Principal – an eagle eye who keeps a close watch on the IN and OUT activity of the school

Taking through the process of getting admission, parent of various caste and religion claim their numbers in lines a night before the admission forms are distributed. There are 1000 of forms distributed and number of seats available only 400. Every parent think that their child should get admission in this school. While they stand in the queue to get form for their child, they have only one motto i.e. their child should get admission in this school. During this time there are no religious limits or constrain. All AIM at getting admission in this school. This particular institute considers every religion but I doubt if any school entertain children of Catholic Religion.

The Sister at St.Agnes aim that every child taking admission in their school should be a good citizen in future. Is their thinking wrong when its comes to the school rules and regulations of the school. In the very beginning of the year the principal makes it clear to all parents about the rules and regulations of the school and how each individual religion should be kept outside the gates of the school. When everything is so specific everyone should ensure that the two things are kept apart.

When sister punished the students for being absent, Sister's concern was the child being present in the school so that she should not miss her classes and explanation that is given during the subject periods. It made her feel offended when so many remain absent because of some religious reason that it was not accepted. For the sister, they are available 24*7 whenever required. No religion matter acts as a obstruction to reach out to their children.

What Sr.Luiza of St.Agnes High School went through was very disappointing to her. It must be a nightmare that she must have faced – never even imagined that she will have to go through this phase but she has faced the political pressure just for the well being of all the GIRLS that are taking education at her institute. GOD BLESS YOU SR. LUIZA…………………may your deed be the example for many who come to seek admission at your institute.


If your child is studying at any institute don't let any religious matter keep them away from attending the school because every day at school is very very precious and even if one day is lost you will never get it again……………….SCHOOL DAYS ARE GOLDEN DAYS THAT CANNOT REPLACE ANYTHING