Starting trouble for Telangana cashless healthcare scheme
TR. Madhavan | 11 Nov 2014

Due to some reservations on the guidelines to implement healthcare scheme of the Telangana Super Specialty Hospital Association (TESHA) and also want a raise between 20 to 30 per cent in the rates offered by the Telangana state Government to implement the scheme, the MOU could not be entered between both of them.

As a result, scores of employees, pensioners and their relatives are unable to make use of the scheme and get themselves admitted for illness to super specialty hospitals of their choice.

The employees, beneficiaries and pensioners have pointed that there is lack of clarity on several issues. As there are a very few super specialty hospitals where one can go for treatment, the beneficiaries want the government to quickly resolve the issue.

Against such confusions on implementation of the healthcare scheme, some section feel that, the government which has promised of super specialty hospital in each district, why can't it take quicker measures in upgrading up grading the existing government hospitals to that status where without any hindrance all can have treatment under the scheme. As a newly formed State, it is possible that, the funds can be brought for this purpose from the Central government and various other means.

One hope that, the government will look into such suggestions for better implementation of the healthcare scheme instead bowing down to the demands of the group of hospitals.