Strained Relations Between Father & Son
Subhash Sharma | 25 Aug 2009

The reasons for strained between father & son in the present day scenario world wide

Relationship between father and son starts from the birth of the son. There is no such barometer to judge the density of relationship between father and son.  Father-son relationship cannot be exactly explained as it is like a rope that ties the father and the son together to the extent that the father can lay down his life for his son. By nature, father and son are two compatible partners. Father will train up the son to become a good person so that he will carry a good name from generation to generation with the result  son will grow in his father’s behavior and appearance. This is why, the line of communication between father and son is open.

In earlier age the son is known by the name of his father and in later stage the father is known by the name of his son. Father plays a bigger role and feels happy in developing the qualities in his son. Only father is a person who feels proud to see his son gaining popularity and attaining new heights in his life. Father can do every sacrifice for his son. Similarly son is also desirous of extending every honor and service to his father.
In the present day scenario where father is busy and under stress in discharging his job or business obligations and similarly son is busy in his studies or other assignments, communication between them becomes lesser. Both are under stress and due to lack of communication the feelings of friendship deteriorates and once this symptom emerges the relations are strained between father and son. Once relations are strained, gap increases day by day and in due course of time same is not bridged.