strangers matter
prasanta chingangbam | 28 Feb 2011

it always matter when we have someone by our side,even if they are total strangers

             STANGERS  MATTER

As usual, I was tired after the long class session, and the long walk from the institute to the bus stand (.i.e. about 1-2 km). 4.15pm that’s what my watch shows me, great it took 5 more minutes today. My eyes were sleepy, my mind dizzy and I was walking like a zombie on the road. Oh! There it is, my green lifeless friend (though it can run and makes only to type of sound .i.e. tit-tit and broom-room) my six wheel lifeless friend, my bus which is going to take me back home. I know you must be surely thinking I’m nuts for making friendship with a bus, yeah I know it’s a bit weird but honestly I like it, neither it complained too much, nor it talk too much, it just ride me home and you know it has a big heart too, it takes in a lot of people inside of every caste or religion.

        I was just about to reach the bus, when something loud (more like a shriek) grabs my attention; it was a bright red car speeding toward me very fast, I just stood there not knowing whether to go back or forward, my mind totally goes blank, as I watch the car getting nearer and nearer, something, someone grab my hand and pull me across the road, I was out of focus after what I went through, then I saw the one who just save my life, I saw her. She was smiling at me and trying to catch her breath at the same time, not knowing what to do, I thanked her for saving my life, on hearing that she cracked up into a loud laugh, did I say something funny; no, then was saving someone’s life funny for her, whatever I asked her anyway, after controlling herself she said that she had been trying to cross the road for almost half an hour, when she saw me crossing, she ran after me thinking I’ll lead her on, now it was my turn to laugh. Everyone around us started staring at us so, we control ourselves and stop laughing at that moment my six wheel green friend remind me (tit-tit), time to go, she had to go on another route, so I said goodbye and get on the bus, I saw her waving her hand, getting smaller and smaller until it totally vanished as the bus move on.

        Why am I feeling this way, ‘No’, I’m not supposed to feel sad, oh! God I didn’t even know her name, where’s she from, will we meet again, is she single I don’t know at all, how can I know, after all she is just another passerby, another citizen of the nation, just a stranger, but at the same time I know deep within that I’m sure going to remember this short moment for a long time, even if she was a total stranger, somehow her short presence in my life do matter, I’ll always remember her every time I  board a bus or, whenever I crossed a road. At that moment I realized that it really matters when someone stay by our side, even if they are total strangers.