Strik to Save America
Tracy | 30 Mar 2008

Why truckers are going on strike

Strike to save America



The people getting hurt the most buy the outrageous gas prices are the truck drivers. Many of which are now protesting because they are barely making enough to support there families and many can’t even do that. The truckers are striking because of the low fuel surcharge, cheap freight, and ridiculous taxes and many of them are being berated for trying to improve their circumstances.

As of right now sixty-eight percent of truck drivers are on strike. One of the main reasons for the strike is the low fuel surcharge (how much the company will pay for fuel). The average fuel surcharge is about twenty-five to thirty gallons and your average truck uses about five mile to the gallon. You do the math. Fuel surcharge already comes off the line haul (how much the load pays before everyone gets their cut). So the companies aren’t really giving them anything for fuel. So the truckers end up paying more out of pocket just to get the loads where they need to be. Then to top it all off most companies charge more for there products to cover the cost of fuel that there are not paying for in the first place. It is time that the government steps up and regulates fuel surcharge, so the big companies will stop taking advantage of the middle class.

The second of many reasons the nations truck drivers are protesting is the cheap freight. There are now loads paying $1.75 a mile or less with fuel surcharge. It is ridiculous that while the cost of living goes up the pay for truckers goes down. After everyone gets there cut the truck drivers usually turn out making less money than your average fast food worker. Companies are gong to have to start paying more for loads, so truckers families can eat.

A third reason for the 2008 truck drivers strike is the lack of tax breaks. Everyone else gets a break but every year truckers end up paying up to five or six thousand dollars or more in income taxes. On top of that truckers pay road use, fuel and sales tax at the pump only to turn around and pay the same tax every quarter. The government has been taking a double bite out of America’s truckers for way too long. Hopefully the tax breaks President Bush has promised won’t exclude truck drivers.

Many people argue that with the truckers on strike our economic situation will only get worse for everyone. Nearly every product we buy is transported using tractor trailers. You can guess what will happen with truck drivers refusing to carry loads but something has to be done. Does it matter if things get worse for a week when hopefully it will get better in the long run? Things can’t get too much worse anyway and the strike is for the average Americans benefits.

Fuel prices in America have reached an alarming rate and are taking a major chunk out of the average American pocket. This is causing a sever economic headache because, as we all know, when fuel goes up so does everything else. The middle class is suffering while corporate America is making money.