Students at SKSC,Patna pledged to save Mother Earth

Two days World Earth Day celebration concluded today with the pledge to save Mother Earth from global warming at Srikrishna Science Centre,Patna.Local school students of Patna participated in different contests like Power Point Presentation,debate and slogan writing on Global warming and climate change which was organised by the Bihar’s pioneer science education and awareness for children central government organisation Srikrishna Science Centre, Patna.Students at SKSC,Patna pledged to save Mother Earth from global warming and environmental pollution.

Winners of the contests were honored with prizes and certificates by the guests.Shaurya Prabhakar of Litera Valley

School,Patna won the first prize with certificate in Power Point Presentation contest.

On Wednesday 22 students of 13 schools expressed theier views through Power Point Presentation on the topic

Global warming,climate change in the contest which was organised in the centre.The judges of the contest were Dr

Atul Aditya Pandey,Department of Geology,Patna Science College and Dr Bhavna Singh,Patna Woman’s College,

Patna.On Thursday debate and slogan writing contest was also organised.

Prof Dr Ashok Ghosh of A.N College presented a popular lecture on Global warming and Climate change in

Power Point Presentation medium. His lecture was highly appreciated by the students and guests in the programme.

“Global warming and climate change are burning problems for the environmentalists.Our Mother Earth is in danger,

hence we should work together to reduce the carbon emissions.We should follow green rules for the preservation of

life on this earth from the global warming.Total requirements of this planet requires total 7 earths,which is impossible

to make another earth.Our life style should be green and eco- friendly.” said eminent environmentalist Prof Dr Ashok

Ghosh of AN College,Patna during his pupular lecture today.

“ We are organising different types of contests on the ocassions of special environmental days for environmental

mass awareness. There is lack of environmental awareness in our soceity.Therefore environmental pollution is rising in

our city,Patna.There should be environmental awareness camps and workshops for the auto/bus drivers for the control

of vehicular pollution in the city.” said Pradipta Mukhopadhyaya,Project Coordinator of the SKSC,Patna to this citizen


“We should use eco-friendly and pollution free vehicle bicycles for the control of carbon emissions in the environment.”

said Prof Ashok Rohatgi,Patna Science College,Patna.

Power Point presentation of Shaurya Prabhakar (LVS), Abhinav Azad (Kilkari Bal Bhawan,Patna),Diksha (May

Flower School),Sanjeet Kumar (St Stephen’s School),Ishwar Muskan (DPS,Patna),Interaction programme was also

organised by Prof Ghosh for environmental awarenesss during the programme.Green poet and activist Prof Mehta

Nagendra Singh,Deapartment of Geology,Patna Science College,Patna and Shiv Kumar teacher read their poems in

the programme.Vote of thanks was delivered by Satish Ranjan,programme officer of the centre.