Students of EFLU fight for a V.C.
Anudeep Ceremilla | 09 Apr 2012

EFLU students denied justice

IN YET another controversy clinging to EFL Universities’ name, the students of the varsity had to face a bitter experience today, when they went to meet the EC in Hotel Minerva Grand. The students wanted to give a representation to the EC about some of the ineligible EC members finding a place in the EC.

So, the student organizations got together and went to ask for justice. The bus which was taking the students was stopped by the police minutes away from the hotel. The students were vehicle arrested for more than an hour. They faced considerable harassment from the police. The police even dragged some of the agitating students into the police vehicle. Due to which some students got injured.

When finally the in-charge VC, Prof. Amrithavalli turned up along with some of the EC members, there was an argument. The V.C. had no answer when questioned about why the EC meeting is being conducted in a Hotel instead of in the University. The student organisations claim that the meeting is being held in a hotel because the administration suspected a possible disturbance from the students. She (VC) couldn’t come up with a satisfying justification as to why the police was called against the students. She simply denied her role in bringing the police in this issue.

Finally, after much of the arguments, the VC agreed to take the students to meet the EC members. Only some of the representatives of student organizations were allowed to go to the hotel who met the EC members outside the hotel. They gave a representation to the EC but they were not able to justify any of the demands made by the students. So the students called for university bandh on Friday to protest the behaviour of the administration.