Sub Prime Crisis Poem
Dr Hitesh C Sheth | 04 Oct 2008

In my poem, I have tried to explain , how an earthquake of human greed has generated Psunami of Sub Prime Crisis.

I asked to the God:
Why America is on a verge of bankruptcy?
Why all are facing a drought of currency?
Do you think anyone should bank on banks?
Which have sunk the people of all class and ranks.
Who generated a Tsunami of Sub Prime crisis?
Can you explain it to the men, rich in vices?
Which is a better pill, communism or capitalism?
Can you illumine it with a dose of pragmatism.
God replied:
Son! There is nothing in this world like crises,
These are hidden opportunities in disguises.
One prime lesson still you have fail to learn,
One should never spend more than one earn.
In jungle of finance, if you are led by economists,
Surely you would be devoured by a debt’s beast.
If you mortgage future joys for present passions,
Your train of life will never see a delight’s station.
I replied:
In future, I will never take any kind of loans,
So I don’t have to groan in a sea of moans.
Thank you for your advice, oh! Heavenly bard,
Right away I am tearing down damn credit cards.
Now I will share this poem with all my friends,
So they don’t face the crisis till their life ends.
Consider as a merit, an act of forwarding this email,
So like economist, I won’t be tormented in your jail.