Sufiah Yusof alias Shilpa Lee’s path from Oxford to Prostitution
Dipen Nandani | 05 Apr 2008

Sufiah Yusof alias Shilpa Lee’s path from Oxford to Prostitution

Sufiah Yusof alias Shilpa Lee’s path from Oxford to Prostitution
Who says that Geniuses have a perfect life? Sufiah Yusuf, a math prodigy entered Oxford at the tender age of 13.She was a cute, shaky girl with a bright future.10years later at the age of 23,she earns or rather charges 130pounds per hour. Now she is a 5 feet 5 inches tall, with a voluptuous body, sexy, 32Dbust,smart student who prefers older gentleman and is available from 11am till 8pm prostitute. She is not the same old Sufiah Yusuf but Shilpa Lee. This is how she advertises herself on an Internet sex site and operates from a flat in Stanford.
Once a strict Muslim with 2 siblings, who won places in university by the time they were 16,reports a newspaper daily. It is even said that with such an amazing calibre and brain she could have minted money anyways she wanted
Sufiah ran from the university at the age of 15 and claimed that her parents had put her under intolerable pressure to succeed. Later when found by police, she was working as a waitress in an Internet café and refused to return to her parents. According to her she had enough of 15years of physical and emotional abuse. Further she also accused her father of bullying, controlling and forcing her to work in cold and swore never to see him again.
 A peak in her family background reveals that her father had been remanded in custody after he admitted of sexually assaulting 2 girls aged 15.It wasn’t for the first time he was sent in custody. He had previously been jailed for 3 years for being an active member involving a mortgage fraud. He mother, Halimahton, aged 51,is a scientist by profession. When she was 19,Sufiah married a trainee lawyer, Jonathan Marshal. But the marriage was short lived and the couple separated in just 13 months.
Her mother said that she was not aware and had no idea about her daughter’s (Shilpa Lee) profession.
This is the tragic tale of Sufiah Yusof, a child prodigy, who dumped her bright future after she couldn’t take the living hell of pleasing her parents. It proves that geniuses and smart people don’t always make the right and best of choices.
A lot many questions arise in mind .Is she in this business because of money? Didn’t she have other options to earn her livelihood? Were all the doors closed that she chose this path? Who is to be blamed for turning Sufiah Yusof into Shilpa Lee?