Sunny's upcoming movie Mohalla Assi is full of cuss words
Rajni Verma | 18 Jun 2015

Seems like bollywood directors are in no more into refraining the usage of cuss words and abusive language in Hindi movies. Recently, Chandraprakash Dwivedi's upcoming movie Mohalla Assi trailer leaked in which one can see Sunny Deol, Sakshi Tanwar, Ravi Kishan and others using bad and cuss words.

Sunny Deol is making his come back in Hindi film industry after a long sabbatical and starring in Mohalla Assi with Sakshi Tanwar, who is also making her debut in the industry

Apparently, Sunny's upcoming movie can raise a question on credibility of directors who without being concerned toward society and its norms making such movies. In Mohalla Assi trailor one can see how a person who disguised himself as Lord Shiva using abusive language. Perhaps, it will definitely create a big controversy in coming future. Although, the depiction of Banaras as a religious capital of India in trailer is good but the people who reside there has not been portrayed in positive way.

If one remember, in February 2015, the newly appointed censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalni passed issued a directive asking movies to refrain from using a group of words. The chief released a list of cuss words which needed to be refrain and also assured that the presence of such words would obstruct the release of movies. However, whole bollywood came against the dictate and opposed the movie of chief. Consequently, the order failed to get everyone's approval by authority and doom soon.

The movie not only relish by adults but kids also watch it. And it is highly notable that people do take inspiration from movies so as kids. Thus, it is directors responsibility to not to make movies which somewhere spread profanity and obscenity around.

Lets' see how censor board's act of suppressing objectionable things will work here.