Surat city is making good news for selling designer sarees to major political parties
Vishnu Mohan | 04 May 2014

It is said that nine out of 12 diamonds are made in Surat. Now, we can proudly say that majority of the embroidered sarees available in the market are also designed in Surat.

Surat sarees are making good headlines these days.  A few of the comments made in connection with sarees manufactured in Surat by some spokespersons are as follows :

- "Surti Embroidery has everything from price to precision.  Soon, Surat is likely to
overtake the traditional hand-woven saree market in Kolkata".

- "The market for Surti saree is expanding.  The reason being these sarees are cheap,
durable and easy to maintain."

- "Surat has an edge over the embroidery work in the country and abroad.  If you get
cheapest saree embroidered on computerised machines, you will not go for the hand-embroidered
sarees.  Same is happening with the traditional markets in Benaras and Kolkata."

- While comparing Banarasi saree with Surat saree, another comment
 goes like this: "Barring a few senior office-bearers of a political
party, there is not much demand for the original Banarasi saree piece as it is too costly.
Besides, the activists wear these sarees mainly during rally or campaigning.  During
campaigning there had been a demand for something exclusive for women supporters.
Hence we procured these sarees in four different patterns, i.e one each for BJP, Congress,
BSP and SP, with party symbol on the border and dominated by party's colour".

- "Parties may differ on Gujarat's development but when it comes to gaining political
mileage they all rely on products from Surat.  Apart from sarees, parties were also
buying party flats and long mufflers with party symbol and colours from Surat."

Going by the above, a further deep into the saree market of Surat signals that this city
is indeed making cheap and best sarees for capturing major markets in the country.
The fastst growing computerised embroidery sector in Surat has caught the attention of saree
manufacturers and traders in Kolkata, who are sending more than four lakh meters of raw
fabric daily in the city for designing exquisite embroidered sarees.  As against
embroidered sarees that cost Rs.7,000 - Rs.15,000 in Kolkata, the Surti version created
by special machines cost just Rs.2,000 o Rs.3,000.  In a short span of time,
the synthetic textile hub in the Surat city is equipped with mor than 50,000 computerised
embroidery machines.  The computerised designs created by these embroidery machines
come with unmatched quality and precision.