Suzlon's ambitious plans
Vishnu Mohan | 11 Dec 2014

Basing press reports, Suzlom is having ambitious plans for both wind and solar energy.

Suzlon, the leading Indian player in the wind energy business, is now looking to expand by entering the solar power arena.  According to the founder, Mr. Tulsi Tanti,
"We have to conolidate, achieve more growth and invest in technology so as to bring the cost of energy down.  We do not require any acquisition but we are now
focusing on the need for solar energy.  No Company in the Indian market is providding end-to-end solutions in solar power.  In the next financial year, we will begin
offering our customers both wind and solar parks"
Mr. Tanti adds, " Within a year, we will build, commission and sell solar projects".
The Company's executives said four sites across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh had been identified.  Sola power projects of 50 Mw each would be built at these sites.
The Company has plans for establishing three manufacturing bases in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan to make the next generation two Mw turbine called S111.  This turbine has a 120 meter tower and 111 meter rotor, and will provide over 30 per cent plant load factor.  In the words of Mr. Tanti, "The National Democratic Alliance Government is asking wind power producers to ramp up the annual intallation of wind power plants to 10,000 Mw annually.  For solar power the plan is to achieve 1 lakh Mw in five years.  
Mr. Tanti concludes by adding, "If we address issues of land, power evacuation and provide financing for 20 years, then it is possible to achieve the 10,000 Mw target by 2018-19.  We have a system problem, not a capacity problem.  The state and central governments and financial institutions need to work together and facilitate funding, availability of sites and grid infrastructure."
Hoping the issues raised by Mr. Tanti are well addressed by all concerned.
Hoping the above favours consideration at the right quarters.