Take a break and breathe light
Tanu Malhotra | 26 Feb 2011

Most of us lead a busy life with lots to do in a day. All this creates stress and anxiety. So sometimes we need to wind down, relax, and take a break.

With the monotonous life we are stuck in, we hardly get any time for our ownself! The let go feeling… the carefree moment… the freedom within! Something, all of us lure for but doesn’t really realize to take out time for it! With the rush in life we people of metropolitan cities have actually forgot how to live… to make d best of every inch… I wish to pen down today some basic things in life which deserve to be read at least once. Especially for those who are too busy to realize what is the feeling of letting go, to be free from within, to know life around and to escape from the world, busy in “being noticed”!

Tap your feet to the tune of life

It’s time to do a little jig… to twist around a while and feel happier just by a random move! Yes, dancing at your own tunes (literally) is what gives you the best feeling of freedom within! Dance around the streets… in the corridors, hallway or your room if you are too shy to let the world know. But dance… It is important for us to celebrate the beautiful moments we live each day and nothing better than a little foot movement to know that you having the most beautiful time of your life!

Get wet in the rain

Remember those childhood days when jumping around in rains… playing for hours with paper boats and being with friends were thing to be done. It’s actually time to relive those moments. With sophistication empowering the soul of social animals like us, we’ve restricted the child within in us that lies there all the time. Quiet, bounded, and craving to come out is the innocence that is hidden there waiting to be free all the time when we smile at moments but restrict to live them. So, go out when the raindrops shower around. It’s the best reason to smile from within, to forget those tensions to get wet welcoming the splash of water your way!

Enjoy music with those long lost themes

Your favorite track that is now out of your i-pod’s list or your phone memory. The old tunes you were once in love with. Rewind life and cherish them again. It’s weird but the best memories stay with us all this while when we were busy with the workload! Recall those memories with the melodious tunes of past and be in another world for a while. The feeling of being our close to heart reminiscences is nostalgic and gives a unique sense of happiness being “you” again!

Take random pictures

Too tired to work, or the mind is entangled with tensions around, the escape route is “camera”! Anything and everything around you is interesting if you want it to be. Capture random stills, the most uninteresting objects around you, t he most obvious happenings you are surrounded with, the most ordinary things you live with, capture all of it with a new sense of living in it. A new angle to pictures, a new perspective about the obvious makes it special and you would realize only after trying it once! It’s real fun living in the same world in a new way to sense the feeling of letting the heart play around a little.

Love yourself

It’s the most important thing to be followed as a daily regime! Love anything and everything about you! Your strengths, your weaknesses, your imperfections, your assets, everything that you are or you do is unique enough to be loved. It’s special in its own way and you are the master of the immense love you can shower upon on nobody but your ownself. Call it being selfish or just self-love but it is important to realize that you are the best and you can handle whatever comes your way. Being involved in all those complications and weird thoughts you need a break to love the way you are. Blow a kiss smiling at the mirror and you would know what is it like loving the real you.

And this is it. Life gives you the best, make the most of it but don’t lose your real self in the race of making it large! J