Take a break and lessen your stress
shailza singla | 14 Mar 2011

FEBRUARY AND March are the months of final examination. No play no video games no long chatting and tensions all around the students. While this exam fever is on stress level also increases simultaneously. Those who are appearing for the board examinations faces a high level of tensions as somehow the marks are going to decide in which course they will get admission and will they be able to get admission in their dream course.

During the examinations student’s eyes get highly affected. Working in front of computer for long hours can cause strain in eyes and sometimes severe headaches. So regular breaks after an hour or when one starts feeling tired is necessary. Blink frequently in order to retain moisture of the eyes and to relax eye muscles. Drink water at the regular intervals. Try and sit facing a window or balcony so as to look at different objects at different distances to relax the eyes.

Don’t lie down while reading as it puts pressure on the eyes, sit in a straight posture and maintain a comfortable distance between your eye and the book. Sit in a room where there is ample amount of natural light and don’t study in a dark room. These simple tips if kept in mind can help you to overcome the unwanted stress. And most importantly don’t forget to have at least 6 hours of sleep a day.