Taking fungus food leads to sinus
Vishnu Mohan | 19 Feb 2008

Fungus may be the cause of almost all cases of the most frequently reported chronic disease in the United States and the worldover, known as sinusitis, instead of only a few as previously thought.

And that may be the reason millions of sinus sufferers do not find relief from antibiotics and nasal sprays, according to Mayo Clinic researchers.

Here is an analysis as to more details on fungus related issues and some discoveries made in this field :

According to Dr. Jens Poinkau of Mayo Clinic, We were able to find fungus which was never thought to be there in almost every case of chronic sinusitis".

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the membranes of the nose and sinuses. Sinusitis commonly causes chronic headaches, runny nose, nasal congestion and a diminished sense of smell and taste.

Fungus and mold spores are present in the air and are breathed in all the time. The Mayo Clinic research team looked at 210 patients with sinusitis and discovered more than 40 different kinds of fungi in their nasal passages.

The amazing thing is that also the inflammation which leads to chronic sinusitis was there in a reaction to the fungus," said Poinkau.

Dr. William Bolger, MD, FACS, USA, who is a recognized expert in sinus surgery, presented his discovery in the form of new treatment option for chronic sinusitis to surgeons attending the Annual American Rhinologic Society meeting in 2005 in USA. Instead of conventional sinus surgery that involves bone and tissue removal, this procedure threads a small flexible balloon through the sinus passageways, gently dilating the openings of the sinuses and allowing for immediate drainage.

"This technology provides a novel treatment option for patients suffering from chronic sinusitis," said Dr. Bolger. "Over the years we have realized that preserving the mucosa, the layer of tissue covering the sinuses, is very important for good long term results. By using the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure we have an opportunity to truly minimize the trauma and bleeding to our patients and improve their outcome through the preservation of the mucosa."

The pre-clinical data presented by Dr. Bolger reviewed the results he achieved in conjunction with Dr. Winston Vaughan (Palo Alto, CA). The study evaluated the feasibility and safety of Balloon Sinuplasty catheters to relieve sinus ostial obstruction. Feasibility and procedural success was demonstrated through 100% dilation of the target sinuses. The comparison of pre and post CT scans, multi-angled endoscopic views, and gross examination confirmed the safety of this technique.

This technology is indeed an eye opener and should make sinus surgery more complete," said Dr. Michael Setzen from Manhasset, NY, "The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure is extremely exciting and will be beneficial to both sinus surgeons and patients."

Sinusitis affects approximately 37 million people in the U.S. each year, comprising 18-22 million office visits, making it one of the most prevalent chronic conditions, even greater than hypertension and arthritis. Bill Facteau, the CEO of Acclarent, Inc. said, "We believe this is a natural evolution of surgery, just like angioplasty was for coronary bypass surgery."

"We have spent considerable time and effort developing this novel, catheter-based technology that will serve as the foundation for the new Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. We believe that our new system will provide Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctors around the world new treatment options that will help to facilitate the goals of sinus surgery with much less bleeding and trauma to the surrounding tissue."

While concluding the above reporting, it can be safely suggested "please avoid food having fungus in any form".  Without being aware,
many a time we buy snacks (cookies, biscutes,etc) from roadside tea shops without paying much attention on the expiry date of the shelf life of such products.  Once the shelf life expires, there is every possibility such eatables could automatically contaminate with fungas related particles. 

Therefore while eating always be on the lookout for fresh food!!!!