Taking inspiration from nature
Nidhi | 08 Mar 2011

The beauty, the wisdom and the ingenuity of nature has inspired many distinguished people to create masterpieces in their respective fields. All of us should take out time to truly take inspiration from nature's great bounty.

CHARLES DICKENS had once said that nature gives to everyone time and season some beauties of its own.

Nature, the storehouse of all ideas and the mother of all inspirational, has inspired poets, painters, musicians and even scientists for centuries. The beauty, the wisdom and the ingenuity that inspired these distinguished people to create masterpieces is available to each one of us too.

In the course of a river, in the life cycle of a butterfly and even in a tiny seed - nature has message of inspiration. The birth of a plant is one such inspiring event with the root and shoot of a germinating seed exert considerable force to burst open the seed coat and break through the hard ground to begin its life.
Each time a tiny seeding pushes its way through the soil, the inspiration nature sends us is that the ‘roots of success are formed through hard work’.

One of the most inspiring phenomenon in nature is the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Through the transformation of a tiny insect that once crawled to a brilliantly coloured creature that can fly, nature gently unfolds the message:’ good things come to those who wait’ and inspires us to persevere.’

Each time a seed drives its way through the soil in order to survive, each time a river overcomes a big rock on its path, each time a wiggly caterpillar transforms itself into a beautiful butterfly, nature is inspiring you to excel. The next time you want to do is to look deeper into the natural world and hear the secret messages nature sends.