Tata Croma as a brand

This is based on the fact that the Indian Companies are not clear of their identity in business.They plan to do all activities as well as be involved at all levels of the supply chain surprising isn't it

Well my experience of being around the globe and with 16 + years of experience in various industries on various profiles.I have been with various nationalities also.

You would be thinking why am I discussing this thats because I learned Internationally as well as from the whites the way to do business and how to look at supply chain .Lets take example of TATA CROMA.What is TATA CROMA up to anyways ? Is It a firm which wants to be which showcases other brands on its shelf that is sell shelf space like Carrefour in the Middle East which is a French Retailer and is very strong in regions like Dubai and overall Middle East. Carrefour is clear in its positioning as it sells its shelf space.

As far as TATA CROMA is concerned it has bought a Laptop and vending on its name with After Sales Services as its strong point.What is it up to ? Whay are the Brands Like Apple , Dell , HP, Compaq etc.. keeping quiet on this .In our economy business wise , socially , politically are we allowed to do anything ? Nobody is there to control any aspect ? Or we ourselves do not believe in control and no ethics in business.