Teenage-friends-and all in between
Ami | 11 Dec 2009

Teenage-the best age in a person's life- you are energetic,young and ready to see the world in the face, your mind full of aspirations and desire to achieve success and make it big in life. Also a time when friends gain more importance over family


When a female knows that she's going to deliver a child and become a mom, her joy knows no boundaries. Months pass and the child finally arrives in this beautiful world .The whole family is so excited about the entry of a new guest in the family.Child grows, parents take care of them at every step of their life. A child's life is divided into so many phases.As a younster, his world revolves around his parents & family members. Day by day he grows finally shaping into a cool teenager-the most wonderful years of his life.Teenage -a phase in which you lay the foundation of your future, your career. A make or break situation. A time when your friend's are the most dearest things to you and know probably everything happening with you. Your friend now becoming yuor best companion,philosopher and a guide and almost can be called your secret diary. Parents now being vigilant enough and putting every footstep of your under a microscope for they are worried thinking that what company my son/daughter is in?Is he really attending the lectures in the college or bunking? Whom is he hanging around with, is he falling prey to any bad habits and the list is endless...Here comes your friend like a hero and your saviour who helps you ,understands you, handles your situations, gives a ear to you, consoles you when your sad, cheers you up, scold you when you need one, encourages you when you are depreesed, tells you your weak and strong points, where you lack and how you can improve. So friends are the characters who play a very important role in the drama of your life at this stage.Taste of failure and success starts.Sometimes you fare well and at times you fail badly, may be in case of studies, relationships etc.You gain, you lose , you live life struggling with the ship of life trying to sail it in the right direction.Some days are as such that you feel that time should come to a standstill and life should always be so much fun,frolic, happiness ,cool friends and a supportive family and you don't need anything else.And then there are days when you feel you are worthless and just good for nothing .Everythign seems to go wrong, misunderstandings,fights,studies etc.But we as human beings cannot avoid this and get up every morning thinking about the new sunrise bringing light into our lives and the candle called hope burns endlessly.Sometimes I ponder over thoughts like ..Who am I ?What am I doing here?What is the objective with which I am sent into this world?Does God exist ?If yes, Should I believe in him? and the set of questions go on. Oh my! I think too much.But I surely know one thing at the end of the day that now when I am here I can surely avoid adding  to the world's miseries,if I can't add to the happiness.And make atleast one person smile a day who in turn passes the chain and make my world a better place to live in. So Keep smiling...