Telangana bill tabled in the Lok Sabha amidst wild scenes in the House
Satbir Singh Bedi | 13 Feb 2014

Telangana bill has been tabled in the Lok Sabha by Home Minister amidst wild scenes in the House. The BJP has squarely blamed the Congress for the events in the house, which saw dissenting MP L Rajagopalan use pepper spray to disrupt the house soon after the Telangana bill was tabled in Parliament.

"Congress is solely responsible for what has happened in the House", Swaraj said, while other MPs added that the ruling party should have anticipated this turn of events.
"I do not think the Telangana bill was introduced, no papers were tabled. Papers should have been tabled before the session commenced... there was also no supplementary agenda. They have broken all Parliamentary norms while trying to introduced Telangana bill. We had told them we would support the bill, still they went about it in this manner. We suspect a Congress conspiracy behind what happened in Parliament today"
However Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath defended the party, saying that with Parliamentary privilege dictating that no MP could be frisked before entering the house, there was very little that could have been done.
"I'm too anguished and I'm too much in pain. I am going to have consultation on what has to be done. This has shamed us. Our Parliamentary democracy is admired across the world. Today what has happened is a blot", Meira Kumar, the speaker said.
Meanwhile CPI member Gurudas Dasgupta has demanded the arrest of L Rajagopal, who used pepper spray inside the Lok Sabha. The Minisster of Parliamentary Affairs, Kamal Nath confirmed that apart from the gas, there was also a knife that was carried into Parliament.
"We have never expected such kind of behaviour from sitting MPs", he said.
MoS Parliamentary Affairs Rajeev Shukla has said that action will be taking against errant MPs trong action will be taken against the erring MPs as it was an attempt to "kill" MPs in the house.
The news that is trickling out of Parliament is getting weirder and weirder. As if the pepper spray attack was not bad enough, now it turns out that TDP MP Venugopal had a knife on him as well, but had been held back by MPs.
Four MPs have been taken away in an ambulance for immediate medical attention following L Rajagopalan's unprecedented pepper spray attack. Among the injured are the pepper spray wielder, L Rajagopal himself. PTI reported that he had been injured after breaking a glass inside the house. He may have been injured in the ensuing melee, says CNN-IBN. Marshalls had been used to overpower the Lok Sabha MPs.