Telangana Elections - Rajendra nagar Assembly Constituency Voters Vision - Needs and Development
TR. Madhavan | 23 Nov 2018

Will the winner of the election ensure to do it in the first three years of tenure ?

The core to development is to address the needs of the individual which include the quality of living and standard of living. To improve the quality of life of the people, it is necessary to see that the following are addressed: • the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter (roti, kapda, makaan) • the infrastructure necessities of electricity, water and roads (bijli, paani, sadak) • the social requirements of employment, education and healthcare (rozgar, padai, dawai) To improve the standard of living of the people, it is necessary that the following are addressed: • Safety of all citizens including traffic management, air and noise pollution • Connectivity and transport facilities like air, rail and road services • Recreation facilities like parks, theatres and other avenues of entertainment The Government of India and the State Government has many schemes and programs for the development of the people, but the efficiency of the usage of these funds is questionable. By bringing in good governance with efficient monitoring systems, the utilization of these funds can work towards the development of the people. Main Objectives: • Ensure that his/het work speaks for itself • Every paisa of the MLA CADs fund will be used for the constituency • In addition, will access funds from the multiple central government schemes which are not being fully utilized, like the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission. Setup and run a professional office that will operate 24 x 7 – for grievance redressal. A team consisting expert would be monitoring the implementation of works in the constituency • Maintain an open door policy and be accessible to members of the constituency for a few hours every day at the offices and will tour every locality frequently Constituency Development: Based on the extensive research done by me and feedback from the people over the years, I have developed a specific plan: - KG to PG "forced" free education implementation Upgrading of government primary schools to high schools with english, telugu and urdu medium - Skill Building Training for youth in ITI colleges - Create employment opportunities by inviting innovative and social entrepreneurs to the region - ITI and Polytechnic colleges in Rajendranagar - 100 Bedded Hospital - Supporting aided schools and saving them from closing - Farmers Market "raithu bazaar" - Two government Degree college - Another government Junior college - Additional Primary Health Centers - An Old Age Home - Underground drainage system improvement - Special education provisions for SC's, ST's and Minorities - Efficient RTC bus shelters, schedules for students and employees - Lower pollution levels and improve environmental standards - A "Special Examination Center" for all government competitive exams - Housing schemes properly implemented - Pensions schemes for widows, handicapped and senior citizens properly implemented. - 12% Reservation for STs and Minorities Ensure the GHMC and official machinery to get their job done with corporate-like monitoring systems - Address issues of safety of all persons living in entire constituency, especially women and children • Professional implementation techniques and mission mode type monitoring of key initiatives to ensure flawless and timely execution • Empowerment of the underprivileged and women - Improve civic infrastructure, roads, housing, sanitation and drinking water. Locality wise residents demands will be well taken care of - Daily drinking water to every house - Policies to lower commodity prices - Empower the municipality and official machinery, and introduce professional standards to get their job done - Improve sanitation using waste management plants Improve the existing public toilets and construct new ones wherever it needed - Ensure equal opportunities to all residents of the constituency - A better connectivity road or bridge between Rajendranagar and Kismathpur Massive tree plantation drive will be taken up on all main roads and in the localities of the constituency. Improvement of footpaths on all main roads and other internal roads will be taken up. Desilting of all storm water drains and nalas will be taken well in advance of monsoon season and ensure of water clogging free roads and localities. Recarpeting work of Attapur bridge and other damaged roads will be taken up on priority basis. Improvement of pedestrian crossings and traffic signals works will also be prioritized. Improved CCTV surveillance system and street lightings will be taken up in time bound manner. RTC services wherever needed will be surveyed and implemented on priority basis. - Improve environmental standards in Gagan Pahad industrial area - Completion the pending Rajendranagar – Vikarabad link railway line will be pursued - Protect Government lands from land grabbers Ensure all Central and State government social welfare schemes are properly implemented and reach in time to the beneficiaries