Telangana is born as 29th state of India

Chaqndra Sekhra Rao has won the game of politics rivaling over Chandrababu Naidu. Both were once in the Telugudesam party for a long time. The Chandrababu Naidu had given him a deputy speaker post denying the ministerial berth in the year 1999 elections. since then the diffrences had been cropped p between the both leaders and which took the Chandrasekhra Rao to revive the Telangana wish which was forgotten by the Telangana people after the Chenna Reddy's Jai Telanganaa.

The long wait was over. Telangana the 29th state of India is born. The ambition of people is to accomplish. June 2nd 2014 is a memorable day for Telangana people. After a struggle of 58 years perhaps the last 14 years is most important under the leadership of K. Chandrasekhara Rao, the wish of the people has been fulfilled.

The Telangana Rastra Samithi President Mr. Kalvakuntla Chandra Sekhara Rao has been the first Chief Minister of Telangana state at last. He was given oath by the Governor Narasimhan  on Monday morning at 8.15 Hrs. along with his son Mr. Taraka Rama Rao and nephew Harish Kumar total eleven members took the oath as ministers.

While giving his first speech as Chief Minister at parade grounds after taking the salute by the police Mr. Chandra sekhara Rao has assured all his election promises will be fulfilled very shortly. The main election promises are waiving off the crop loans up to one lakh rupees to farmers and SHG (Dwakra ) loans to women. Mean while he has declared that a special increment would be given to all employees of the state as a good will gesture. Later all state employees will be given scales of central government.

In his first address to people he said that he would be very harsh and main priority to keep the law and order in the state. The government will be pro-welfare of poor and anti corrupt. Different police departments to be brought together into one and weekly off will be given police officials.

Regarding industrial development the KCR has mentioned that Telangana stood first in Pharma and poultry and ask them to keep intact as he wants to give more incentives in future.

The celebrations have been started in the wee hours of the day and all political parties have celebrated the foundation day at their respective offices and people have fired the crackers to mark the day.

Mr. Rajiv Sharma and Mr. Anurag Sharma took over the charge as Chief Secretary and Director General of Police respectively.