Television and senior citizens - Boon or curse
Placida Dsouza | 19 Aug 2015

During our school time there is exciting topic on "Television a boon or curse for the student". The essay written on this topic gives some positive and some negative thoughts. Parents has to guide the child in their thinking, put the relevant point and omit what is actually not required. Where children are concern, there are many benefits from the television and also there are lots of disadvantages because children always catch up the bad things faster then the good things. That is when there are restrictions put on them and the children are kept away from the television.

But the same television which is a curse for the children is a life saver to the elder people. Lets give a thought to this :- Elderly people or senior citizen, who are retired or who are home care takers, how do they kill their time, what do they do to survive their loneliness. Television is the only source that they use as their companion. They switch on their favorite channel and watch their serial. Those who have been educated officer during their tenure like to watch news channels and keep themselves updated with the happenings of current in Economic and Political issues. And those who had not been in a business sector………..keep changing the channels for various old pictures or old picture songs and get themselves entertained.

What happens if the television is not working for some reason – by mistake if the electricity is not working or the television has stopped working for some reason, these people go mad, they don't understand what to do and what not to do. They take their room rounds, switch on and switch off, this process is done again and again just to check if their companion (the television) has started working or no. Killing their time becomes so difficult because the only face to face co-ordinator is the television and that is what keeps them entertaining and keeps them going to finish their day. If the cable is not working, these citizens or lonely living people take rounds at their neighbour's house again and again just to check if their cable has started working so that they get relief assuming that their television will also start working and they enjoy the day watching their favorites programme.

Now at such situation, will it be right to ask the question about senior citizens watching television to kill their time is a boon or curse. For them, they have no alternative but sit in front of the television and watch their favorite and get entertained themselves. Its sad these citizen who have toiled their life to get their children on their feet to become something in life so that they can face the challenging world have to sit all alone by the television to get themselves going on and waiting that some of their children will come to spend time with them. Some get the privilege of spending time with their family while the other wait the opportunity. Its sad but its fact of life.