Terror attacks widening Hindu-Muslim gap
Ritesh K Srivastava | 03 Dec 2008

Apart from causing irreparable damages to the nation’s sovereignty and integrity, the recent surge in the number of terrorist attacks in India have severely dampened the secular fabric of our country.


Terror attacks widening Hindu-Muslim gap
Ritesh K Srivastav

Apart from causing irreparable damages to the nation’s sovereignty and integrity, the recent surge in the number of terrorist attacks in India have severely dampened the secular fabric of our country. The terror-stuck India, which has been home to many communities, speaking different languages, practising different faiths for centuries, is now reeling under tremendous pressure to maintain and preserve its secular identity. 
The unabated violence, merciless killing of numerous innocent people in the name of jihad by those who want to create unrest and foster communal divisions in India, appear to have succeeded to some extent in their nefarious designs. This is evident from the fact that Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and other communities, who have lived with harmony since times immemorial, now live under a shadow of deep silence.
There is no one denying the fact that the proven involvement of Muslims and their links with our neighbouring country in these incidents have widened the gap between the majority Hindu and Muslims of India.
Although, no one wishes to touch those lines, discuss this issue, enter those territories, or accept this bitter reality, there is a constant demarcation (love for one’s own religion and hatred for the other community) playing on everybody's mind.
The painful realisation of being a Hindu or a Muslim in the wake of these terror attacks has made the either of the two uncomfortable in each others’ presence. Every attack on India’s sovereignty and integrity is being looked as an attempt to lower the dignity of Hindus and on the other hand, an ordinary Muslim feels like a fish out of a pond - alienated and cursed to live in India.
Every time a Muslim youth is arrested in connection with terrorist activities, the hatred for a particular community becomes more evident. The involvement of Muslim youths in the anti-India activities has brought the entire community in a bad light and as a result each and every Muslim is being considered as an ISI agent.
However, Muslims have a different reason for their growing antipathy for India, which professes to be a secular democratic country.
The minority Muslims have for long accused the majority Hindus of threatening, persecuting and discriminating against them in employment and as well as in various businesses and industries. Some so-called leaders of the Muslim community have blamed the majority Hindus for their economic isolation and deplorable condition, without even thinking about other factors responsible for their people’s absolute backwardness.
This silence under which the two communities now live is killing and there is an urgent need to bridge the divide between the two.
The meticulously planned, well funded and well supported terrorist attacks in India’s economic capital have no doubt shaken the collective conscience of the entire nation.
The terror attacks in Mumbai, which has been a terrorist target for long, have come as a shock not only for Indians but for the entire world, which now appears to be uniting in its fight against terrorism.
The fast unfolding developments that indicate Pakistan’s involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks has once again exposed Islamabad and showed that there is a big difference between what it preaches and practices.
It is now clear that the terrorists who sneaked into the Taj and the Trident Oberoi Hotel were equipped with modern weaponry as they possessed foreign made AK series rifles and communication satellites.
The initial investigations into the incident has cleared doubts that without extensive preparations and local assistance, it would not have been possible for the terrorists to enter into the Taj or Oberoi hotel carrying grenades and AK rifles.
The terror attacks, which held the entire nation hostage for several hours and the put the rest of the world glued to television sets, also reflects the failure of Indian intelligence agencies and lack of proper surveillance, border patrolling of our coastal areas.
The two communities are on the verge of declaring war on each other and if it happens this could further deteriorate the already sensitive situation in the country.
This became evident after the Mumbai ATS revealed the involvement of radical Hindu groups behind the Malegoan blasts, which were carried out to avenge the atrocities inflicted to their brethren in J&K and other parts of the country.
The majority Hindus, who have been very restrained so far, have now resorted to the same methods of retaliation as the Muslims.
Here, no one is denying that that some Hindu elements could be involved in those blasts.
But this also points towards a dangerous trend which is now in its initial stage.
The series of blasts and loss of numerous lives have made New Delhi a laughing stock world wide sending an indirect message that Indians have not learnt any lessons from their past mistakes.
The repeated failure to check terrorism has put pressure manifolds on the Congress-led UPA coalition for being soft on the overwhelming threats posed by the Islamic terrorism back-supported by Pakistan.
The Congress government has been under scanner for not executing Afzal Guru, convicted for Parliament attack, for the way it handled the Batla House encounter where the death of a police man was attributed to his fellow policemen.
The vote bank politics probably provided enough opportunity to some of our politicians to prove their point that these fallen heroes were not really killed fighting anti national forces?
It is the high time that the political parties rise above the petty politics and put to the nation an agenda that involves the concept of ’a secure India for all Indians’.
All political parties should stand united in fight against terrorism and lend their support to a slew of measures, including setting up a Federal Investigating Agency, to avert the situation faced by Mumbai last week.
There is an urgent need to understand that the Mumbai terror attacks were aimed at distorting our prized unity among other things. If these attacks cause us to turn on each other in hatred and conflict, the terrorists would have won. They know that hatred and chaos feeds on division. They also know that as radical extremists, their only hope of disrupting society as a whole is turning the rest of us against each other.
Let's deny them that victory.  Come let us prove that these tactics have failed, and will fail in future too. Every attack on our motherland makes us stronger than ever and reaffirms our determination to root out violent extremism.