Terrorism and concern about Ms Arbour's questionable competency
Sinna Manni | 03 Apr 2008

Sri Lanka is currently being savaged by internationally funded Tamil
terrorists, who have the intention of creating a racist Tamil empire
in Sri Lanka [11],[2]. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has also been harassed
by Ms Arbour's UN section [3], who are supposed to be the custodians
of Human rights. Many Sri Lankans are distressed by the action of the
terrorists and also by the apathy of human rights groups that appear
to do nothing to stop terrorism and empire building efforts by racist
Tamils. In the past, for centuries, Sri Lanka has been the victim of
savage attacks from South Indian war lords [11],[23]. In the recent
past, Sri Lanka has been under European colonial rule. In both cases,
the invaders have denied freedom, justice, and peace for the
Sinhalese. LTTE have ejected by killing and threat to life, all non
Tamils from LTTE controlled areas. If LTTE is not defeated, it is most
likely, as indicated by their past conduct, that they will continue
with their racist killing spree, where they killed peace loving
Sinhalese and Tamil people. Therefore GoSL has no option, but to
defeat them.

It is reported in the media, Khaleef Times [1], that HR organisations
have ganged up against Sri Lanka. The reported action amount to
bullying by a well coordinated and networked group. The bullying that
is carried out is similar in nature, to a gang of school boys bullying
a defenceless victim. This matter needs to be brought to the attention
of UN member states. Many suspect that a number of so called Human
rights groups have a neo colonialist agenda. Steps need to be taken to
stop the bullying. It appears that Ms Arbour and some officials in AI
and HRW have concepts and views on Sri Lanka, and then they look for
evidence to fit their views, and do not hear the views of the
Sinhalese. It is likely that this psychological phenomena may be due
to their racist and neo colonial attitude.

Analysis of the role of Western countries including, EU in the
conflict in Sri Lanka, that has been ignored by Ms Arbour, is given

1. UK Government allowed LTTE to base its head office to be in London
and allowed the terror network to grow.

2. Lax immigration laws of EU countries allowed a large influx of
bogus Tamil refugees into EU countries.

3. This large bogus Tamil refugee population in EU countries are able
to wield a powerful political and economic influence. They play a
major role in the propaganda war, fund raising and disinformation
campaign of LTTE.

4. Large` Tamil bogus refugee population in EU countries contribute to
fund the terror war in Sri Lanka [8],[9].

5. The Tamils have been heavily favoured and the Sinhalese heavily
discriminated by Western countries, in relation to residency in UK and
other EU countries. This is clearly seen on simple physical
observation, for example in London. This situation has caused
instability in Sri Lanka. It is also one of the reasons why LTTE
disinformation cannot be neutralised.

6. EU countries have largely turned a blind eye to fund raising and
propaganda activities of LTTE. UK venues have been used for propaganda
activities and fund raising activities of LTTE fronts.

7. Free health care, free education, free training, free housing and
various other free things are given to these bogus refugees. It is
indeed, these free things that attract the bogus refugees to UK. It
can be said, because of the various free things given to bogus
refugees, bogus refugees will have disposable income to fund
terrorism. It could then be argued that EU states indirectly fund

Clearly EU countries have played a major role in supporting and the
growth of LTTE terrorism. It is indeed hypocrisy for EU to talk about
peace. If EU is genuine about human rights, it should stop the fund
flow to LTTE and stop its territory to be used by LTTE for propaganda.
Also if there is even the faintest notion of justice and fair play in
the world, then EU should compensate the victim Sri Lanka.

It is absolutely essential to understand the root cause of the problem
in Sri Lanka, before any solution is contemplated. It is well known
that terrorism in Sri Lanka is funded by bogus Tamil refugees living
in Western Countries [8],[9]. The mission of the overseas Tamils is to
carve out a part of Sri Lanka for a mono ethnic Tamil State. The
terrorist problem in Sri Lanka, is due to the favouritism shown to
Tamils and the discrimination against the Sinhalese, related to
residency in Western Countries. This discrimination against the
Sinhalese is certainly immoral and illegal. The favouritism to Tamils
and the discrimination against the Sinhalese is glaringly obvious and
is very visible in London, where you see many Tamils and Tamil owned
businesses and hardly any Sinhalese. It is this massive discrimination
that is fuelling the terrorism and fund the LTTE propaganda war. By
favouring one ethnic group (Tamils) over another (Sinhalese), Western
countries including EU, have initiated instability in Sri Lanka. This
may be a chilling revelation, but is an irrefutable fact. This
favouritism to Tamils has caused a power imbalance and an economic
imbalance as well, in Sri Lanka. Even prior to the favouritism shown
to Tamils, by Western countries, it was a massive struggle for the
small Sinhalese group to defend against the invading tribal Tamil war

Therefore, Western countries, including EU countries should take full
responsibility for the mess in Sri Lanka and should pay compensation
for the victims of terrorism.

According to the UN charter, article 1, the purpose of UN is to '
maintain international peace and security'. However UN, has done
nothing to stop terrorism in Sri Lanka, nothing to stop favouritism to
Tamils, allowed fund raising for terrorism in Western countries,
allowed international terrorist network to operate destabilising Sri
Lanka, allowed terrorists to carry out arms trafficking and human
trafficking, turned a blind eye to various fraudulent and illegal
activities of LTTE, did nothing to end discrimination against
Sinhalese. Until UN officials show that they act against terrorism and
terrorist fund raising and attempt to end discrimination against the
Sinhalese, and stop UN being used by terrorists as a convenient tool,
it would be pointless to allow UN officials to Sri Lanka. In short, UN
has done nothing to help a member state, protect itself from a racist
terror gang but has functioned as the mouth piece of terrorists.

Already, Sri Lanka is undergoing an extremely stressful period, due to
terrorism that is funded from Western countries. It is indeed a
tragedy, If on top of that, Sri Lanka also has to face Western based,
biased human rights organisations, who only appear to listen to LTTE

I have attempted to analyse what may have happened with Ms Arbour and
others taking a similar point of view to Ms Arbour.

The problem boils down to the possible lack of cognitive skills of Ms
Arbour to distinguish the truth from deception, bias, lies and fiction
produced by LTTE or their agents. Ms Arbour has not understood the
nature of LTTE and that LTTE have paid campaigners generating
disinformation for LTTE against Sri Lanka. Ms Arbour has failed to
recognise that LTTE are experts in deception and fraud and will go to
any length to trick naive and gullible persons such as Ms Arbour. Ms
Arbour, has not understood the link between terrorism, LTTE
fundraising, bogus refugees and disinformation against Sri Lanka.
However, the problem is not unique to Ms Arbour, and I have shown
previously, with adequate evidence, that AI and the torture expert of
UN have made similar mistakes. The muddled thinking of Ms Arbour is
illustrated well by Lewis Wordsmyth, in the article [16] with the
title 'Louise Arbour's 'dangerous liaisons' ref:
http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items08/170108-8.html . This article also
shows clearly the conduct of various groups with vested interests.
Many have challenged Ms Arbour's views [3] and these challenges should
not be taken lightly or ignored.

It appears, that that Mr Arbour and the others that have formed an
anti GoSL view have only listened to the LTTE side of the events. The
main reason for this is the financial and political power of LTTE,
that has agents that masquerade as civilians and generate canards, for
the consumption of gullible UN officials and officials attached to HR

It is clear that UN and HR organisations have ignored natural justice
and there is a serious miscarriage of justice, as only the version of
one party, ie LTTE version is heard. Very often, the LTTE version is a
canard or disinformation, or a half truth with a spin to mislead the
listener. Reasons why only the LTTE version is heard is given below:

Large number of bogus refugees in Western Countries, who due to self
interest, spread disinformation.
LTTE has paid campaigners spreading the LTTE version of the situation
in Sri Lanka.
Because of the large number of Tamil Diaspora, the Tamils have more
influence on UK politicians.
Due to the insignificant number of Sinhalese in Western countries, in
comparison to Tamils, the Sinhalese are unable to counteract LTTE
There is no formal mechanism of GoSL to counteract LTTE propaganda
warfare and disinformation.
LTTE gets funding from rich businesses that are owned by Tamils and
therefore has the financial clout to propagate disinformation.

Ms Arbour and other groups have not compared the response of Sri
Lanka, with the response of other democratic countries, when the
integrity of those countries have been threatened.

For example UK and USA invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and killed over
150,000 innocent civilians when the leaders felt there was a threat to
these two countries. Invasion of Iraq is indeed thought to be the
world's largest "HR tragedy".

There is enough documentation that innocent civilians were subjected
to human rights abuses by the invading forces. In the past USA used
nuclear bombs against Japan killing over 220,000 innocent people.
Dresden was fire bombed killing 40000 civilians, as a means of halting
the war. In comparison, the conduct of Sri Lanka is mild. Unless
comparison is made with countries that experienced similar problems,
accusations and comments on the conduct of Sri Lanka are meaningless.
One has to take into account that Sri Lanka is facing a globally
funded terrorism, with a mission of carving out a part of Sri Lanka,
for a mono ethnic racist Tamil State.

It is clear that Sri Lanka has used reasonable force, far more
reasonable than what UK and USA have used.

Many have expressed the fear that some NGOs have neo colonialists
tendencies. It is a possibility that neo colonialists have hijacked AI
and HRW and perhaps even the UN, in a manner similar to a virus
hijacking the DNA of a healthy cell. This fear need to be brought to
the notice of UN member states. The manner in which AI and HRW have
been hounding Sri Lanka, gives the nightmare scenario of neo
colonialists hijacking institutions that are there to safe guard human
rights. The reason for the above comment is, both AI and HRW have done
nothing to stop terrorism, but have been hounding the victim Sri

Ms Arbour has not taken a balanced view. Ms Arbour does not appear to
be objective, but appear to repeat parrot fashion, what she hears
through her grape wine. It is generally known that LTTE linked NGOs
have an informal communication channel with UN and other NGOs. This
informal communication channel is used by LTTE to feed disinformation
against Sri Lanka.

Some have commented that Ms Arbour's grasp of the situation in Sri
Lanka is poor [3]. She simply appear to be a neo colonialist
intoxicated by power, yearning to exercise that power. EU has been
harbouring terrorists, that raise funds to destabilise Sri Lanka.
Neither EU nor UN has done anything about it and continue to turn a
blind eye.

There is evidence that UN officials have been clueless, corrupt,
biased towards terrorists, hell bent on being anti Government. In such
a situation, it is indeed reckless for any Government to allow a UN
monitoring mission in Sri Lanka. It is akin to a situation where a
reckless incompetent driver is being allowed to drive a bus full of

The whole human right abuse situation in Sri Lanka is linked to
terrorism, terrorist fund raising, bogus refugees and empire building
mission of LTTE. Unless a person is able to see the connection, he or
she would be barking up the wrong tree.

It is also significant that there is no mechanism of GoSL,
specifically there to challenge the propaganda warfare and
disinformation of LTTE terrorists.

It has to be pointed out that Tamil invaders from South India
destroyed the irrigation system of the Sinhalese and this destruction
of the irrigation system halted the development of the Sinhalese. In
fact, the terrorism funded by global Tamils is now slowing down the
development of a generation of Sinhalese.

The following point to the empire building mission of LTTE:

The Emblem of LTTE is similar to that of South Indian Chola dynasty
that invaded Sri Lanka.
Ethnic cleansing by LTTE of Sinhalese and Muslims from areas
controlled by LTTE.
Murder of Sinhalese National leaders and also Tamil leaders who wanted
a unitary Sri Lanka.
Motivation and brain washing of Tamils by LTTE in a racist manner,
promoting racism.
Funding for terrorism is from the global Tamil network.

The problem is caused by Ms Arbour, and other HR groups, simply
listening to one party of the conflict and simply ignoring or not
hearing out the other party of the conflict.

This problem could be aggravated due to the possible racial prejudice
and white supremacy idea of Ms Arbour, who may assume that Sri Lankans
are less civilised than Whites. Ms Arbour needs to be reminded that
Sri Lankans embraced human rights over 2000 years ago, when they
accepted Buddhist values. Ms Arbour and others who preach human rights
have absolutely no idea about the culture and the history of Sri

Some UN reports have shown outright bias. For example, the report
produced by the torture expert Mr Nowak ignored torture committed by
LTTE, such as reference to the underground prisons run by the
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who admitted to the French journal
Le Pointe in May 2000, that they drained the blood of Sri Lankan army
captives until they died. There was physical evidence of torture
chambers of LTTE. Instead of reporting facts, UN torture expert,
reported canards of LTTE agents, that did not have a single shred of

Ms Arbour would not divulge the source of her information. This is
again is wrong as the sources of information may have ulterior motives
or an agenda of their own. Unless Ms Arbour's information and the
sources are known, it is impossible to challenge the allegations
against Sri Lanka.

By not hearing the Sri Lankan side of the story, she is breaching the
basic principles of natural justice. How she performed as a Judge is a
mystery to many.

She has basically not understood the murky, deadly, fraudulent world
of terrorists full of deception.

It is also clear from her various allegations that Arbour never
bothers to study the historical backdrop of the conflict in Sri Lanka
or even attempt to do basic research on the culture and history of Sri
Lanka. It is difficult to dish out solutions unless one has a clear
idea of the root cause of the problem. Ms Arbour and some of the
others in AI have not realised that Sri Lanka is struggling against
all odds against the might of overseas Tamil Diaspora.

Anyone who would take the trouble to analyse the conduct of LTTE would
realise the LTTE is on a mission to create a racist Tamil empire.

There is a canny resemblance of the skills of Ms Arbour (or lack of
it ) and that of Prof. Meadows [17],[18],[19],[20],[21]. Prof. Meadows
appeared to lack knowledge in the field of Statistics and Ms Arbour
appear to lack cognitive skills or even basic common sense, as she
failed to distinguish between biased LTTE secondary data and facts.
She is not alone, as some in AI and even the expert torturer appear to
have similar problems. The internet has information about other so
called experts, who allowed themselves to be intoxicated by power and
carried out major blunders and injustices.

The bias of Ms Arbour against Sri Lanka is evident, when Ms Arbour has
not requested monitors to observe the actions of USA, when the
reported human rights abuses carried out by USA far exceeds that of
Sri Lanka. I am not critical of USA, but simply want Sri Lanka to be
treated in a similar manner, when it is dealing with terrorism. Media
reports on HR abuses caried out by USA, as reported by the Chimadaily
[4] is given below:

"The report says the United States has a notorious record of trampling
on the sovereignty of and violating human rights in other countries.

The invasion of Iraq by US troops has produced the biggest human
rights tragedy and the greatest humanitarian disaster in modern world.
It was reported that since the invasion in 2003, 660,000 Iraqis have
died, of which 99 percent were civilians. That translates into a daily
toll of 450.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the number of civilian deaths in
Iraq has exceeded one million. A report from the United Nations
Children's Fund (UNICEF) revealed that about one million Iraqis were
homeless, half of whom were children.

US troops have killed many innocent civilians in the anti-terrorism
war in Afghanistan. The Washington Post reported on May 3, 2007 that
as many as 51 civilians were killed by US soldiers in one week (Karzai
Says Civilian Toll is No Longer Acceptable, The Washington Post, May
3, 2007).

An Afghan human rights group said in a report that US marine unit
fired indiscriminately at pedestrians, people in cars, buses and taxis
along a 10-mile stretch of road in Nangahar province on March 4, 2007,
killing 12 civilians, including one infant and three elders (New York
Times, April 15, 2007). "

Violations of Human rights by USA are further exposed in [24] 'What
moral right U.S.has to preach human rights to others? '. I wish to
state clearly that I have nothing against the USA, but wish that EU,
UN, Human Rights Watch etc., should leave Sri Lanka alone to settle
its problems in its own way and help Sn Sri Lanka defeat racist

If there was no terrorism, there would be no human rights abuse in Sri
Lanka. The obvious solution to stop human rights abuse in Sri Lanka is
to eliminate terrorism. It is indeed strange logic that the victim of
terrorism, Sri Lanka, gets blamed whilst the terrorists get
preferential treatment from Western countries and terrorists go
unpunished. The reason for this could be that LTTE propaganda has
succeeded in deceiving busy officials who do not spend time to
investigate the truth. The second possibility is that the officials,
who allowed themselves to be deceived by LTTE propaganda have a
racist, neo colonialist attitude and mind set. The other possibility
is that these officials, who have been deceived by LTTE lack critical
thinking and analytical skills.

In conclusion, I would say Ms Arbour's knowledge and competency is
questionable. Ms Arbour, AI and HRW have not conducted their
investigations according to the principles of natural justice, but
merely came to conclusions on hearing the LTTE version of events. Very
often, the LTTE version of events are canards. I believe she was more
interested in wielding her power than on human rights. If she was
interested in human rights, she would have made an attempt to stop
terrorism or terrorist funding. However the conduct of AI and HRW are
no different to hers and neither of these groups appear to be
interested in human rights. In the case of AI and HRW many suspect
that they are more interested in protecting the rights of terrorists
and performing acts to generate income for them.

I would say, it would be beneficial to the world if UN examine the
competency and judgement of Ms Arbour, rather than think of a field
mission in Sri Lanka. Many would like to compare the competency Ms
Arbour to that of Prof. Meadows [17],[18,][19] and I hope Prof.
Meadows would not be offended. Many feel Ms Arbour may be heading in
the same direction as Prof. Meadows.

If UN officials cannot even get the basics right, it is difficult for
Sri Lanka to have the confidence in the judgement of UN officials.

As for various NGOs including AI and HRW, they are groups with self
interest, with their own agendas, very often getting money from
Western Governments, possibly even from LTTE. These NGOs attempt to
make money to pay for the luxury living of the hundreds of foreign NGO
personnel and individuals who come to Sri Lanka under the pretext of
helping the people [16]. It would appear that various NGO's would like
to keep war and conflict on going, just to keep them employed. The
reports written by these self interest groups merely reflect their own
agendas and very often are biased. The reports produced by these NGO's
are hardly worth the paper the reports are written on.


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