Terrorism breaking the society down to pieces
raashi | 21 Apr 2011

Well, as we all are familiar, modern world is adversely affected by terrorism and it’s the entire human population which is suffering.
Terrorism- Yes the word itself has become a source of frightening innocent people. At present it is the most serious issue and needs hell of a lot of consideration.  The whole world needs to join hands and try and fight this evil. Terrorism has become an even more serious topic than the environment problems like Global Warming that the world is trying to fight against. We all need to fight with it with all our courage.
Recent terrorist activities have disclosed the reality of the govt. authorities and have made it clear that the effect of terrorism instead of weakening is strengthening with every second passing by. In the past few years whole of the world has seen some horrifying terrorism activities. We all know how the World Trade Centre collapsed and how powerful terrorism is!
Even the most powerful country of the world isn’t fully ready to fight terrorism and terrorists have shown that they are two steps ahead of us. Even India has faced some mind boggling terrorist attacks which have made it clear that we aren’t prepared to fight terrorism.
The situation is alarming and now is the time that security must be tightened we must all take some strong steps in order to dismantle the roots of terrorism. Due to terrorism an atmosphere of suspicion has been created and it is breaking our society in the name of religion. We need to catch hold of them who with their destructive mind are unknowingly bringing this planet to an end.
Well, I can’t really understand why these people doing such things? Have they forgotten Mankind ?? Yes, the situation is alarming but we must not forget these motivating words,“ Yes We Can !!”