terrorism in india -some views and some solutions
untruepatriot | 01 Dec 2008

first see if this is printable. it might hurt "sensibilities" the politicians - bureaucrates - journalists.


terrorism in india -some views and some solutions

first see if this is printable. it might hurt "sensibilities" the politicians - bureaucrates - journalists.

1.)The most important step that the govt. should take is to fix responsibility on politicians and bureaucrates who sat on the files and delayed the decisions on modernising the police and armed forces Not resigning-on-moral-responsibility or transferred-for incompentency type but by trial before an  extremely fast track court and on being held accountable should be given minimum of death penalty by hanging because delay caused by them caused death of  patriotic soldiers and innocent people AND NOT ON THE POLICE and ARMY WHO ARE FORCED TO SERVE THE POLITICIANS AND BUREAUCRATES and fight with inadequate safety devices and weapons.Only word BASTARD describes these politicins and bureaucrates .These people compromied our security by not buying equipments for armed forces but took no time for increasing own salary packages and aminities. If there is support for terrorists from within then it is these people, these are the overground terrorists.
2.)Do you thing that soldiers at other places are lesser martyrs. at assam only 1 lac, at malegaon 7 lac, at mumbai 5 lac & at other palaces another amount.Is this decided on the basis of caste/religion/location-of-incident Or whether a terrorist incident has happened in a BJP ruled state or congress ruled state. If these are the criteria for giving a “death-benefit”, then there will be a “profitable” place to die and a “not-so-profitable” place to die AND there will a profitable religion /caste to die for and so no and on and on..... This is utterly nonsense.   There has to be only one amount for armed forces every where and only one amount for civilian. This has to be decided by central government for any where in india, though this can be reviewed from time to time, but not from incident to incident.  The central government should  STOP this at once.
3.)I have seen the debate consisting of Mr. Arun Shoure and Mr. sohil on NDTV Profit. i liked there ability to talk straight even though they appear from the same "upper " strata of the society.If what they say is something they actually believe in , they should get like minded people to come together and launch a new political party before the next electioins so that we can get rid of these present set of "BASTARD" politicians and take to task there co-workers " BASTARD" bureaucrates, nay, clerks. But there is a catch, if you setup a political party with this objective you will have a very formidable enemy- in the form of above BP&BBs- at last you will be able to unite these BP&BPs. they will come after you and your family with guns blazing. they will use every thing and all resources in there power to wipe you out even killing. So, if you can, first go and ask your family whether they are with you or not.This is my suggestion for change.
4.) as far as the ordenary lives of the people are lost they donot matter as they have not mattered in any of the terrorist incidents any where in india. the arundatis and barkha dutts are there to support the terrorists especially if they are from minority community as this gets them the limelight and money. well the response that comes to light is the word "bastard" for politicians, bureaucrates and now for journalists. short it as BPBJs.
May God bless them with eternal HELL. Amin.