Terrorism in India.
alister1967 | 04 Dec 2008

India Need Change.


                                                         IndiaTerrorism in India.
                                  United we stand Divided we fall.
This great nation is under attack by terrorist organization based in Pakistan. We have a great heritage, that we should be proud of and we should protect our nation at large from terroist attacks.
The Police at large should be trainned with automatic rifles and should be provided with  logistics. The Police force should be politicized as they are here to protect the safety of the citizen.
The big establishments and state owned properties should be equipped with scanners, and surveillance cameras to detect terrorism.
There should be cooperation coming from the communities in information sharing and unity among our Indian citizens regardless of religion, communities, caste and creed.
The whole of our country should be  protected from acts of Terrorism, by the arm forces. The salries should be raised to a good amount so as to cater for the individual and his family.The arm forces should be provided with good benefits such as  Insurance. housing, education for their children once they retire from the services or expire while on duty. Their widows should be given the same amount of pension even after the death of the exservice man to support the younger generation. Housing facilities should also be given to the widows of the ex service men.
In providing the above mentioned basic social services it will motivate the youngsters to join the arm forces, and curbe currpution
The British rule was made in ancient times, and has still been continued to this very day it need to be changed to cater for the present generation.
The pensions should be increased for the Ex -service men and after his death the widow should be given the equal amount and not half pension. This is also has been a tradition, which was left by the British to make our Indian families suffer. What is the use of getting Independence when rules like this are still kept in place as the British left them years ago and none of our Politicans have taken the responsibility to change these rules to give us a beter life.
Look at the jails for instance they are not adequately  equipped it was used by the British to torcher the Indians. We should modernize our jails so as to make the Indian criminals who have commeted crimes on Indian soil feel welcome an opportunity to  change to be a good citizen rather then treating them as terrorists. This also was done by the British years ago to torture the Indian Political parties, so as to get them to accept what they wanted of them. These are the major things that have to be changed in accordance to the present setup. The Holidays like Independence day should also be celebrated in the prisons. and all important holidays, so as to make our Indian criminals feel at home.
These are the salient points that the law makers should address and never politicize, the arm forces, as they are they render their lives for protection, and security of our country.
The Politicans should come together and be united in times of crises regardless of their Political affiliation.
The Crises Management should be represented by different sectors of the society to check and balance the resources there by curbing the curruption of the country.
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