The absurd war of the Symbols.
Dr KB Vijayakumar PhD | 08 Nov 2013

The EC asking that the "Elephant" statues be covered as it reminded the public of the symbol of the BSP is the starting point to let my imagination go wild.

The Election Commission (EC) should cover all the lotus ponds in Uttar Pradesh – so said the Con & Crass Party.  When EC can ask the BaSaPa to cover all the “Elephants” created by Wayamati with the noble thought of reminding the people about their party symbol then why not cover the Lotus Ponds as it will remind the people of the BaJaPa’s symbol.  Very rightly argued.

But wait.  We will want to continue this absurdity further.

RaJaDa’s symbol is the lantern…so nobody should use the lantern either in the day or in the night.  Let darkness spread across.

SaPa’s symbol is the bicycle.  So no bicycles should be allowed to ply in the country and even if it is parked anywhere it should be fully covered.

Nobody should harvest paddy and carry bundles of it on their head as that is a symbol of the JaDa(S)…

“Rising Sun” is the symbol of the DraMuKa and therefore the EC should cover the Sun..however it can be allowed to set in the West…

“Two Leaves” is the symbol of the AlInDraMuKa and so all the trees and plants across the country should be covered or the leaves shred.

“Sickle and Hammer” is the symbol of the CoPaMa.  So ban sickles and hammers from being used, carried or displayed.  Harvesting of crops and carpenters be damned.

“Clock” is the symbol of the NCP and so clocks be damned.  All the “Clock Towers” across the country by covered.

And ofcourse.  The “Elephant” that started this war of symbols.  Not only should all the statues be covered, “Real” elephants should be kept away from the eyes of the people.  All Zoos across the country were ordered to keep the elephants in closed enclosures and forest areas were posted with more guards to chase away elephants from entering civilization.

The EC was flooded with all these requests and they had no alternative but to oblige as they were the ones who started the “Elephant”ine war.

Election day was fast approaching.  All canvassing was closed.  The penultimate day of the elections were for people to “think” and “decide” to whom they should vote for.

The next day was the D-day. 

Almost all political parties had forgotten the most obvious.

The “Hand”. 

Suddenly it dawned on them.  The EC office phones rang all afternoon.  E-mails started pouring in.  Delegations after delegations met the Commissioners.  The three of them could not have time to meet the delegations together.  They sat in different rooms so that they could handle all the delegations one by one.

The delegations gone.  The three Commissioners sat down in the Conference room with their hands on their heads.

What a situation to be!!!!  Or Not to be!!!!

All other political parties demanded that the “Hand” is the symbol of the Con & Crass party and so all hands should be covered.

The Election Commission had no alternative but to accept as they had agreed to “hide” from public view the symbols of other political parties.

And so they declared. Hands be hidden.

Come Election Day.

The voters came with their hands covered.  The officials manning the voting booths had their hands covered.

Nobody could use their hands.

The inevitable happened.


(NOTE: This is supposed to be a satire. If you fail to tickle your funny bone, please do not take offense)