The Age of the Army
Ananya.s.guha | 31 Mar 2012

General V.K. Singh seems to be heading for another goof up. Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

''What is General V. K. Singh up to?'' my friend's loud voice assailed my drooping ears.

''Why?'' I asked innocuously. ''You fool,'' he stomped. ''can't you see? He is holding the country to ransom''.

'' How, why',' I asked piquantly.

''Firstly, his diatribes against the Govt regarding his age''.

''Then? '' I asked.

'' Now he is trying to implicate the govt. in a bribe which he claims he was offered''.

'' Maybe'' I said. '' Perhaps he was offered''.

'' But that is scurrilious'' my friend objected.

'' Look, look '' I tried to pacify him '' maybe that man knows that the Lt. General was acting at the behest of the Govt''.

'' How can that be and why now? ' 'my friend countered.

'' Yes, yes'' I sighed. "Maybe after being embattled in the age imbroglio he is trying to get back''.

'' But is this the way? And why, all that noise about the internal threat to the Army''s security and that hogwash?"

'' My dear friend '' I said assuringly '' maybe there are corrupt elements, and if the Army is threatened the Nation is threatened. '' And why  may I ask are all those politicians ganging up against him, and that  crusader for honesty Anna? '.

'' I don't know that. All that I know is that,  as someone said in India the Govt. determines the age of the Army and in Pakistan the Army determines the age of the Govt...''