The Anglo-Indian Community needs help
alister1967 | 31 Jan 2011

The Anglo Indians as a community, are not united as they ought to be as time goes by many Anglo-Indians are prejudice against each other. Don't take me wrong but that is a true fact.

The Anglo Indians as a community, are not united as they ought to be as time goes by many Anglo-Indians are prejudice against each other. Don’t take me wrong but that is a true fact. The factors involved are that a vast majority of the Anglo-Indians are Roman Catholics left in our society. Many individuals from other communities also claim themselves to be Anglo-Indians just to receive benefits that are community offers like free education and also MLA’s posts in our Indian parliament!

Many of the senior leaders are short sighted and have not been able to think ahead about the future of our community. Many Anglo-Indian girls are pretty and fall prey to men of other communities who entice them with gifts and a good outing to some five star hotels and take advantage of them and leave them with siblings to take care of all on their own. 
 The lack of financial assistance in our community also is one of the major factors even though Anglo-Indians, get the first preference in English medium Schools, all over our state they are unable to take advantage of this due to their lack of guidance and financial assistance. Many of our ladies are teachers, while the Anglo Indian men sit and drink alcoholic beverages all through their lives to death and quarrel over petty issues with their wives in a fit of drunkenness; and have not taken responsibility for their actions.
We see that only a few Anglo-Indian are really doing well in their studies and have social and financial backing in their families. Gone are the days when this community enjoyed power, glory and honor under the rule of the British in India. The British, were our God Fathers and they gave our ancestors: jobs in the Railways, Post and Telegraphs, Navy and the Air-force. In those good old days many Anglo-Indians held high positions in India and Abroad.
We are the siblings of the British gentlemen, Irish, Portuguese, Scotch, who intermarried, Indian ladies while serving in India.   Since the Anglo-Indians where intelligent and sincere to the British while on duty and in all other aspects:  they where given good salaries and owned bungalows with servants to their every beck and call. We see that no historian has ever written about the Anglo-Indian community and their social standings.
Anglo- Indians were left in the lurch when the British left India, they did not know whether to stay back, in India or travel abroad to England. Well even the Anglo-Indians who did not leave India thought themselves to be British and where in a confused state of mind. Many of the Anglo-Indians lost their jobs and had a tough life ahead of them and had to struggle a lot with their families due to lack of finances. 
In the Anglo-Indian community there; was the rich upper class that enjoyed all the social standings in our society and did not bother about the middle, or the poor of our society and that to a large extent created a division between individuals.  Even today that still exists.  The major causes for our downfall is due to lack of guidance by our leaders who where short sighted and did not think about the future of our community.
Lack of unity in our community and also in families in recent times will have its own consequences in the coming days. Unless we pull our acts together and also give our ladies equal rights as our gentlemen who have married outside our community to other individuals, and also give their children free education we are heading for a disaster.  We have to bend our rules to accommodate the ladies who have children from gentlemen of other communities. Since some of the gentlemen from other communities have married our ladies and deserted them giving them children to take care of by themselves we have to reconsider our position in this matter and take appropriate action in forming new rules.
We have to look at this problem with an open mind and reconsider our decisions in the coming days. We have to make amends for the wrong decisions we have made in the past and do are best to be united with one another in our community.
Since we are a minority community we have to cling to each other. Love, share, care and be fair to one another and have one association with branches in every state instead of two or three associations with different governing bodies, which creates a lot of confusion in our community.
We Anglo-Indians follow the western culture in our dressing habits and also our eating habits combine western culture and Indian. We are a fun loving community we have contributed a lot to the development of India in the days gone by. 
We the Anglo-Indians, have continued to be sincere to our governing bodies here in India. We still serve our country in the Navy, Air-force, Army, and the Railways. Many of the Anglo-Indians are still working in high profile jobs in the private sectors of our country.
In the past the passengers who traveled by train enjoyed their travel as most of the Drivers, ticket collectors, where Anglo-Indians who where dedicated to their duty and did their best at work and also gave their own lives to save the passengers in case of an accident, but now a days we find that accidents happen too often and the victims are mainly passengers.

Since the Anglo-Indians, are a forward class and have a lot of problems of their own we need the government to support our community by allotting jobs for us