The Answer my friend is blowing in the wind
Manu Sharma | 10 Sep 2006

This is about how are nationalist ideology is hampered by corruption. We Indians are losing out on both national & international front because of it.

The uniqueness of our nation is “United Indians first and divided Indians later” on the basis of so much regionalism and so many religions, castes, creeds, languages etc. No country in the world with our diversities could have remained united for long as the world’s greatest and the longest surviving democracy. Plato, if he had been alive today, might have written ours as the best and the newest concept of governance by studying our country as a role model.
Why the longest surviving democracy?
Well, due to the fact that apart from having and braced so many rulers some good and some bad, it were the people who lived as true united Indians and faced all calamities and despot rulers alike. It is the most beautiful human example of mutual coexistence and peaceful, loving, respectful and chaste concept of togetherness.
 What’s gone wrong?
I have written to many people many times regarding the dismal state of affairs and position of our security agencies vis-a-vie their international counterparts like ISI, CIA, Mossad, MI5 etc which it is learnt that our security agencies pay their way towards information with our nations precious foreign exchange instead of gaining it vide its own covert efforts. Our security forces reeked in corruption and having their low quality personnel and poor budgets require a complete overhaul of our nations total security machine to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This disease of corruption which has infected 90 per cent of our government employees, all state and central included, has made them all so greedy that they have started overriding national interest by way of blatant avoidance of all such issues hampering or coming in the way of corrupt profitability and vested interests.
The Treacherous Municipal corporations & Local bodies are now to be blamed solely for our underdeveloped infrastructure which in context of liberalisation and globalisation has become vital to our nations international existence as a strong, developed and a unified India. They have given rise to the rampant growth of unauthorised colonies with gross negligence of all rules and regulations by the very keepers of our nation’s infrastructure developers like in Delhi and its ceiling macabre. The whole Indian economy runs on 80 per cent black money due to a corrupt rule of law and polity leading towards a shortage of legal monies for the countries development projects. This black money has lead to an increased deficit and is has hampered a 20 per cent GDP growth over the last few years. This black money is also resulting in a weak rupee vs the dollar.
Terrorists and all those who get indignation on seeing a prosperous and developed India have undermined our nation’s character, values and ethics by exposing our nation’s youth to the infiltrated bollywood media hence destroying the basic true nationalist ideology amongst the young future generations. As a result they have lost faith in the nation and themselves. These vested interests are working towards thwarting of the much neededUniform Civil Code and developing a true pro-poor policy instead of dividing our populace on caste, creed and religion by way of reservations along with the aborted and much needed birth of a true and dedicated population control measures. The nationalist will is missing in the hearts of our fellow countrymen. This is actually due to the existence of a corrupt environment and a dismal political nationalist will, as it has made the nations leaders and great men with even greater intellects to forget the true nationalist spirit that motivated people like Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Azaad, Subhash Chandra Bose towards an “India being the most modern and amongst the highest developed civilisations on the globe, a true shining star”. Today they are ashamed of singing the nationalist song “Bande Matram” which had united the nation from Iran to Cambodia and J&K to Ceylon in the 1857 revolt. Why is it that countries in the West stand behind even for a single citizen and we are not bothered about their fate?
This malafied effect of the cancer of corruption has today been shown and proved by the existence and workings of the diesel mafia, which is successfully running a parallel petroleum import and distribution channel at par or maybe a step better than our oil based “Bharat Ratnas”. This open vile & neglect of our nations interests involves a NEXUS BETWEEN ALL POLITICIANS, SECURITY AGENCIES AND GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS even those who maintain silence in abetment of this, this money generation which IS USED TO FUND THE NAXALS AND THE TERRORISTS alike inside our country hence it only means that OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IS INDULGING IN ANTI-INDIA ACTIVITIES due to only one reason that is corruption. Our security agencies take fixed haftas and bribes to not to act against the corrupt. Corruption has resulted in amassing and stashing away of more than 30,000 billion dollars abroad by the corrupt. Economies of many countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, and Maldives and partly Switzerland is running on the corrupt funds, which rightly belong to our nation. Many have died without any information regarding such funds resulting in making our country poor and the host country richer. Today name the scam and you have a politician connected to it in some way or the other and in many cases the king pin of the scam.    
The armed forces have its own scams to contend with and the so called secret service agencies their own, like the disappearance of their top officials with valuable hard disks, invaluable to our nations security, when their websites are also not available to the genuine citizens believing in the fact that they are so elusively secretive.
The security forces have brought our countries very survival on the brink of a not so far but eminent dooms day. It would be the most shameful death of a great nation like ours by the very hands on which it depends on security. They all seem to be stooges or puppets in the hands of foreign powers either by design or by ascent including their political bosses.  This is sadly proven by the frequent, rampant and vide a continuous series of the most slightest to the very highest strategic failures on the track records our security forces, seemingly trying to bring to book people like Telgi, D Company and many such more guilty people and thwarting of future terrorist attacks like that of in Mumbai and mainly ”Kargil”. Today the security agencies are capable of tackling neither the two new imminent threats on the horizon being that of Naxalites/ Bangladeshi influx nor the Chinese train winning the economic war in the Himalayan states thus  putting to shame our efforts to develop our strategically important North East. The Northeast and Nepal are now seeing China in a new light as a nation making genuine efforts to end their economic woes. The people also believe in genetic affinity towards the Chinese, which during war is dangerous. True nationalism is shown by the Chinese soldiers when they kick of our soldiers from their own territories of Arunachal Pradesh like playing football and by building Dams in humanly impossible places like that of Sutlej & Brahmaputra basins without even bothering to consult or even informing our government. Our soldiers commit suicide by the hundreds during IPKF operations in Sri Lanka as government does not allow armour, air bombings or artillery hence truly being responsible for the murder of the true sons of soil. Justice is not imparted by a defunct and an obsolete judiciary, which tries to hide its corrupt face behind adoption of cheap popular tactics like the justice Bhalla case and many more such cases of misconduct and neglect.
Strict moral standards once the orders of the day are on the backburner and wine, women and wealth are in vogue with the present judiciary. Any objection towards its corrupt activities is met with contempt of court proceedings. The judiciary sleeps while the justice is truly denied due to years of delay. The British freed our nation but could not free the judiciary as a good percentage of our laws are pre independence and have what’s so ever no relevance in toady’s times. Where the people have lost all hopes of getting justice or fairness in tackling of crime by the police. The paramilitary forces have become the personnel armies of the powerfully corrupt few hence today it is impossible for common man to expect justice from either the Judiciary or the executive. Mafia controlled parallel governments run in majority of states giving ironically quality justice, which is fast in delivery and satisfactory in nature. This injustice can be felt in reality if one feels in oneness like a raped woman or a girl from the weaker section of society facing the police in a police station in any part of the country; there are no words to describe the national character at its worst moments then.
 The winds blow fair and wide changing all in its path, some from the heart, many from the mind but all from the souls hence they change the nation and so my friends fair blows the winds of change………………
We have to wake up now or lose everything good of yester years to the tomorrow which can be imagined today as waiting silently for the decisive moment to strike and justify the present generation’s actions. Would it be right to waste and destroy the dreams seen by our forefathers who have built so much and so far through sheer sacrifice, hard work and a nationalist spirit. Today we have to start believing in ourselves first as a nation for our future generations to make believe in true nationalism.
Corruption has to be weeded out from our society at any cost or sacrifice. All true sons of soil should do their respective duties truly and always by honest means. If the government works without corruption for just even a year then we would beat America as the most powerful & developed nation in the world. Let the day come when a rupee would be equal to a hundred US dollars. Let our currency be better than bullion at any given time.
Let their be no scams on the economic front like the yearly stock market scams. Let no one run away with our nation’s wealth without being timely caught and punished. Our enemies should shrink on seeing our tri colours and run on seeing our nation’s true spirit shining in the eyes & proudness of being an Indian written broadly on the brows of our soldiers. An envious blue water navy and the largest modern and well equipped army and air force should bring the world to its knees and strike terror in the very hearts and souls of our enemies. We can be the inspiration to each and every child on this earth to be or compared proudly to an Indian any where any time.  Amongst all of us today who live have to commit ourselves to the nation irrespective of our religion, race, caste, creed or regionalism towards a united & strong India. We have to sway in the intoxicating winds of our nation’s honor and world wide prestige in the times to come. Let the world know that there is a force to reckon for  which even in  adverse circumstances will always stand by its principals on the firm support of  a true national spirit in the very hearts of all us proud Indians. Let each and every citizen of the world take notice of our countries name and that of our nation with the fullest respect, fervor and under the true light of an immortalized democracy. Let the true flavor of nationalism lead us and all that ours to Wuthering heights. Let us all learn from today and live for a better tomorrow. Let our children take our name in awe and not in shame. Let us see our proud flag on all the planets of the universe. Let our space cities and ships conquer the universe. Let us have an education system which gives birth to a dedicated and the most motivated force of professionals bent truly in making our country world leaders in any sphere of education.  Wake up Indians, my fellow countrymen, my blood, let us all together leap over the artificial and superficial man made boundaries and hurdles for a better future and build cities unsurpassed in endowing the best quality of life to all its citizens at affordable rates. Let us not destroy our today so that the promised tomorrow never comes for our children. Let us have true to world class hospitals and set the best medical standards of service in them at par excellence and not just the corrupt, dirty dens of disease, apathy and neglect as they have become today.
I believe we can do it by sharing this with all we know near or far, dear or strange, but mostly with true patriots and countrymen at least. We can implement from this moment itself in reality what we have learnt from above and blow this message to all our countrymen that all is not lost, there is still hope and time to wake up and march forward. Dream of tomorrow and it becomes a vision and the vision realized then is your mission today so set your goals to attain them by first respecting your self as an important contributor to the nation as strong building blocks for the future.
 I request you to stand up and take to politics in its purest form. Give the nations its true leaders who are educated, but above all have country first in their minds. Who will not shirk in disbanding the lust & lure of corruption what not their lives at a moments notice? Create new political parties who can stand up today for the tomorrow, who can help building a nation which every freedom fighter had sacrificed his day for.
Best of luck my country men for I am as proud to be an Indian as you. And All the generations of true Indians yet to come”