The Bible for Atheists, Hindus and others
Hartmut Kaiser | 18 Oct 2008

the bible contains some truths about human nature and psychology

In the genesis, the first chapter of the bible, Eve seduces Adam to taste the apple
which grows on the tree that provides insight about good and evil, about ethics and morals.
Women and girls like chivalry in men and also protection, but they don´t want to be abused or cheated upon. They also like to seduce men, thus the story of the Genesis seems to contain an eternal truth about mankind. (see also my ohmynews article “why do females have better judgement than males”).
Another story about boys and girls, about men and women is the love story of Samson and Delilah
in the old testament. The secret of Samson´s strength lies in his long hair, but then he tells Delilah about it and she tells his secret to the enemy soldiers, so he is defeated. The essence of the story seems to be: don´t share your best secrets with your wife or girl-friend, she may be chatty.

Germany´s epic poem from the 13th century, the Song of the Nibelungs, is about a similar story. Siegfried, the hero of the tale, kills a dragon and bathes in his blood, which makes him invulnerable. Only one tiny spot on his body had been covered by a leaf while he was bathing in the dragon´s blood, his only vulnerable spot. Only Kriemhild, his wife knows about this, but she betrays him to Hagen, and Hagen von Tronje then kills him with his spear.

Even the new testament contains some psychological insights: in Lukas 6,47-47, the story about the stupid and the wise man who build a house, Jesus tells us the story of the wise man who builds his house on a rock and the stupid man who builds it on sand. As a rainstorm sets in, the house of the stupid man is washed away, while the house of the wise man still stands.
Should not the bank managers who have caused the subprime crisis, better have heeded this simple advice ?

The sermon on the mount in the gospel of St.Mathews also contains some good advice:
Like the old English saying “ignorance is bliss”, simple minds can go into heaven. Praised be those who yearn for justice those who are peaceful, those who feel pity and those who have a clean heart. Blessed are those who act morally and are therefore persecuted. This is especially true for Germany, where, in the Nazi time, those men and women who sought justice, like the young men and women of the white rose and those who wanted to kill Hitler
(the Hollywood movie “Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise starring will be in the cinemas soon )
were killed and those who acted perversely and sadistic ran the country and were rewarded.

No matter what your religious persuasions are, if you are atheist, agnostic, Muslim , Hindu, Jew, Christian or something else, the bible contains something for everyone.