The Business of Airline companies
Anubhav | 04 Aug 2009

This article is about the play the so called 'low cost airline plays' into the lifes of the citizens of the country.

THE OFFICIALS of Kingfisher and Jet Airways had their so called meetings to decide about the strike that was going to happen on August 18. Vijay Mallaya and Naresh Goel don't understand that such action are not expected from these two airlines.

They are making the fool of themselves because they think that going for a day strike will improve the image or so called the goodwill of the company but in reality this is really not true because the low cost airline carrier have no meaning saying that they have the prices of the air tickets which any other air company can't give you. They promise that You fly for 0, and when a customer goes to their internet sites to purchase the tickets they gives the ticket which is normal to the cost of any expensive airline company, so why they are terming themselves as low fare airline company?
Claiming themselves to be the low cost airline will not make them low cost, and also the facilities they provide to the passengers cannot be just described in the words.
On the basis of my personal experience with these so called low cost airline carrier, once I was travelling with Spice Jet from Delhi to Pune, and I personally experienced that these things do happen. During my journey I asked them for a water bottle, though i was not expecting it to be free but not even overcharged. The price of the water bottle gave me a shock for a moment. I then looked at the inflight magazine of Spicejet and then I realised that I am siiting in Spice jet only, not on any other expensive flight.
This was my first experience with Spicejet and from then I made my mind that whether it is a low carrier or an expensive one. At least I will carry my water bottle with me and  will definately save 100 bucks for my other useful purposes.