The changing American bias
Sunita Mishra | 02 Mar 2007

Long time before the cold war ended but the American biases of that time remained fresh till date. But there is a change with the US taking a tough stand against its cold was days ally Pakistan. It seems firm to threaten Pak for the Al Qaida resurgen

The great American bias which took birth in the days of the cold war, seems to be running off track suddenly but only after more than 50 years. President Bush’s remarks against Pakistan and the CIA chief’s departure to the country for negotiating over some controversial issues are some of the key developments in this matter. He will talk to President Musharraf over the country’s involvement in nuclear shenanigans and terrorist activities. So, it appears that there is a change of course but the speed is slow. The major reason behind it is that the two countries have shared a strong bonding over the past. It will take a long time before the threads loosen up.
It is remarkable that the charge over which the US administration is agitated this time is Al Qaida’s resurgence in the country. It had been an open secret for the world since a long time. It can’t be denied that the US was aware of this fact and never acted in that direction before. But this time it has been forced to take action against its cold war days’ friend because of the increasing pressure from the intelligence agencies there. Thus, the sudden change of US approach is not at all shocking. The country cannot deny the appeal of its own people.
The terrorist organizations that were backed and supported by the US due to political advantages earlier are now creating problems and it is feeling deceived. The credit of nourishing organizations such as Taliban and Al Qaida goes to the United States that has always had plans to dominate the Middle East by encouraging Muslims to fight among themselves and diminish.
But this time the sword is hanging over the US and it seems all prepared to nip this problem in the bud. The suicide bomb attack, which the country’s Vice- President has escaped in Afghanistan recently, is just one example of Taliban’s betrayal to US. The fear of the super power is beyond that. Whatever the reason is, if there is a change in US policies, it is going to help not only the US but also most of the parts of the Middle East and the South Asia.