The CWG- Opening ceremony

CWG opened yesterday with fair amont of chaos and officials congratulating themselves with a spectacular show - however, there are important lessons to be learnt by us.

THE OPENING ceremony was held with self acclaimed laurels and we have arrived and all that, as was expected.

Doordarshan gave more time to breaks and kept informing the viewers that these were the live telecast even at 11 pm when the events were over at 10pm. In fact IPL functions were better orchestrated. The name board bearers were not in sync with the teams. Too many activities happening simultaneously with no body knowing who was doing what. When compared with Beijing or Sydney one thing stood out loud and clear. We as a nation are good at conducting the Punjabi marriage type of events, which is chaos, dominates. Organizing precision mega – synchronized events is not our forte.

End of the day we will excel in individual events and faultier in team events. So if we learn two lessons from the conduct of the Games, these could be two lessons. First, government should lay off from those activities where market has better capacity in executing. Government should confine to monitoring and security.
Second have a single point accountability, which unfortunately was missing.
Thirdly focus on individual events and chaos but do it so well rather than talk of Beijing and produce Punjabi marriage. Punjabi marriage has the warmth, more grand and colorful, extravaganza and total chaos. If that be our forte so be it. Then make it our USP and excel in it and do not compare—let be the Indian celebrations the Indian way.

Fourthly, do not rush to media to embarrass the others. One fellow located a cobra, rather than killing it; someone decides to call the department responsible for wild life to capture the cobra. The so called expert comes and gets himself photographed – God knows with what aim. A cobra found in any ones house is disposed off quickly rather than all these dramatizations.

In case we learn our lessons right, the money spent would have been worth it.