The deteriorating standards of media
Deepali | 03 Mar 2011

Media, where several unheard voices can be heard, where ministers can be reached to the masses, from where people get aware, knowledgeable about the day to day happenings, from where people get entertained.

THE SO called television box found its existence in India in 1959. From then it had revolutionized the field of entertainment and spread its colors everywhere. From then the era of verbal news had started all over.
This then acted as a boon for knowledge seekers who felt lucky to watch live programs on Television. It helped in watching the whole world sitting at home. News channels showed minute to minute updates from Independence Day ceremony to bomb blasts.

Media, where several unheard voices can be heard, where ministers can be reached to the masses, from where people get aware, knowledgeable about the day to day happenings,from where people get entertained. But today do you really think media ensures all these things? The answer is No. Once Pulitzer Said”News is something, someone, somewhere doesn’t want to be publish-all the rest is advertisement.”
Our ancestors are always right because what Pulitzer said few years back is happening in reality today in the field of media. As everybody says television has made media to reach to, more no of general masses but I will say that simultaneously it has also deteriorated the quality of media up to a great extent.

Media is a vehicle of people’s idea. More than 60% of the India’s population is living in the rural area still media follows the agenda of elitism. Today they focus more on Imran Khan’s reception rather focusing on hundreds of poor farmer’s suicidal issues. News about celebrities catches more attention and for news channels it’s an easy job to interview the stars rather than giving reports on socially concerned issues. It’s not their fault the whole world today is swimming in the pool of materialism. As people like us put an eye on materialistic stuff rather than watching realities.

Competition is another reason behind media’s deterioration. The heavy race of showing the most sensational news is the purpose served by media today. Channels are privatized where no legal body monitoring over them. They show what they want to like showing the half truth, biased news, planted news etc. The full fledged reality never reaches to the audience. Sometime new is also suppressed by the people in power or by owner of the channel for the sake of their own purpose.

Media today especially news channels I guess today are forgetting their role. Their role is to inform about the world not about the TV gossips. Hindi news channels show serial clips of the previous night. Somebody ask them what the motive behind it. But the plight is that people this electronic are media with colorful pictures and sensational stories are still watched by people. We as educated are not really interested I n stuff like that because we know what is right and wrong but what about the uneducated living in small villages and town. As it said seeing is believing, they watch stories with useless content believe on hat.

In ancient India emperors use to write on stones and spread news so that people then be aware of of happening. The role of News media is to educate, aware by disseminating and transforming accurate and real news to all of us. This will also help uneducated to understand the world better through the eyes of the media. And hence they can take part in developmental process.