The Fall of the Bengal's Communists
Ronnieta Sarkar | 12 Feb 2011

Bengal is under communist reign for more than 33 years. But the ruler party broke the nation's faith at last and now the party is waiting for its farewell. Bengal's people can not forgive them for their mischievous deeds.

THE COMMUNIST Party of India (Marxist) had reigned in West Bengal for about 34 years and now their rule has come to an end. The way they ruled Bengal has not gone down well with the people in West Bengal. They filled the politics with blunders and corruption.

A new born baby of Bengal has to suffer from the big amount of loan i.e Rs 23,530 that state had lent time and again to implement their numerous promises. But the ultimate result is very harmful to the Bengal citizens because of the communist monarch of the state.

Jyoti Basu did not ever feel to explain the unemployment setback of the state during his 24 year long supremacy. Not even Buddhadeb Bhattacharya felt, at least not sooner than the proposals which were made by Mamta Bannerjee. The day, Mamta Bannerjee declared to give the temporary teachers a permanent position with an increment, the Communist govt. woke up from their ‘Hibernation’ period.
They started creating about 17,000 new designations just to solve this unemployment problem. This was happened before too. At the time of Indira Gandhi, the govt. had to manage the big amount of payment problem. The strategy of Communist govt. is just to harass the upcoming govt. by hook or crook. This is just for their mental satisfaction of course. Who else could be happy after losing about 81 Board Elections?

They are now trying to transfer all the pension and remuneration pressure on the approaching govt.’s shoulder. The West Bengal state counts Rs 14,000 crore loan still, nevertheless the Communist ‘Sarkar’ is employing people in newly created labels. God knows, how it can be possible for the govt. to meet the expense of the employers. For example, in Bolpur, there was vacancy for 280 ‘D’ class permanent and temporary working members.
The board committee recruited more than 400 working members for this. And for which the govt. should add up 25 lakhs Rs./- per month. As a result, there was a lack of 73 lakhs Rs./- in 2005-06 budget.

If we forget about the economical disaster of the state, and if we switch on focusing on the other social activities of this state govt., the first thing that hit the mind is the distressed faces of Nandigram and Singur.

Bengal is majorly dependant on agricultural sector. That is fine that the Chief Minister was planning for some rapid industrialization in the state. But there is no point to plant the seed of industrialization in a well-fertilized land of Singur. When their decisions were criticised, they remained static and began torturing the protestors.
At the time of Nandigram’s chaos, when the security forces got going with Gangrape and Gangmurder types activities, the party editor Biman Bose considered them as ‘The New Sun’. Astonishingly the Chief Minister also appreciated this whole thing. The Communist ministers did nothing but inspired the culprits when the Bengal needed them for some welfare of the state.

The abusive quotes, the indifference attitude towards the troubled condition of the state, the overconfidence, arrogance, and the economical policies to worry the newcomer govt. - are there behind the end of the Communist power in Bengal. Well the conflicts in the Communist party are also responsible for their fall. The most ridiculous contradictory thing happened last year on the day of the 33rd birthday of CPI(M).
The Chief Minister mentioned in his speech that the party had been the habitual ‘winner’. But prior to this quote, Biman Bose already announced time and again that the defenders poured ‘money’ to win the elections. The question is that, if the CPI(M) is a habitual ‘champion’ then who the hell is pouring ‘money’ to be the victor?