The forever unknown desire
shipsjena | 26 Sep 2008

unknown desires of our minds

INDEED LIFE is a mystery, a constant and irrevocable search for its allusive meaning keeps us moving. The strangeness of this life lies in the people we meet everyday. A new variety, a new breed evolves each day. It perplexes me or I am rather not ready to accept that how two people can be poles apart in character from each other. The feeling of such differences give rise to a storm within me.

You know what, I mean its none of my business but still, isn't it weird and irritating that we hate some people who can't think like us and at the same time it irritates us that some others think exactly like us. The question arises that why can't they think of anything their own, something original, I mean, why do they have to think like us.

Another mystery remains is the fact that, the people who allude us, we are always bent on getting them back. But, whether we actually, really and truly want them or not is a great stagnating issue left unanswered. Well it may be the strong sense of rejection that guides us to stupidity and we follow it ardently, almost intoxicated with it, guided by the forever unknown desire.

This applies to you, me or us, I don’t know. I just wrote it, I don’t know if it actually makes any sense. I am just trying to put down the feelings of the desire, the thoughts that are so unknown. I am unable to perceive the complexity of this world, its crudeness and its corrupt situations, the unholiness and the shit of this world. I feel that the world is crowded with mean, insensitive and unsympathetic people, indifferent to everyone. How can some people be so rude and cruel that they don't even feel the emotions of love and compassion? Why we are so indifferent to each other? All these are the mysterious questions of which we can never find the answers.

This is a funny world I tell u, complete with funny bunch of people…hmmmm….so it is.