the gimmick game
akshima kalla | 12 Apr 2011

Stars are out there, doing all what they like or is advantageous to them, promoting a film or to quell rumors of an affair. Now-a-days, stars very well know how to play with the media. Recently, at his nephew’s Imran’s wedding reception, Aamir Khan was seen propelling stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra towards the flash bulbs and cameras asking the photographers present “Mil gaya na, bana diya na aapka kaam?”

With the increasing demand for the juicy, hot, eye-catchy, glossy news, stars have learnt to play with the media and exploiting, they play different tactics and tantrums to straddle the public space to their advantage. Celebrities do things according to their privacy policy, they disclose whatever is convenient for them.
Another gimmick made lots of news when Akshay Kumar allowed his wife Twinkle to unzip the top button of his jeans at a fashion show to promote a denim brand. You can say that its just the way of doing a good business, not to get emotional.

A very talked about rumor was about the extra martial affairs of Hrithik Roshan with Kites co-star Barbara Mori for the promotion of his film. Stars just don’t bother and hesitate to put their public lives on display when it comes to getting TRP’s for a television channel or for the promotion of their films.

So our stars very well know how to manipulate the public and media machinery.