The great promise of modernity
vikash sharma | 26 Aug 2013

This article is about experiencing modernity in daily life. Focusing on modern culture where modernity has divided human in two obnoxious classes.

The faculty of the modern world has produced two classes in society. First is one; who only believes in fetishism and commoditificaton. Who has conspicuous expenditure on paraphernail articles. And their logic about fetishism is about the need of a human.


On the other side only in society; a large number of people exist who have not believed in anything and struggling for the meal of a day. Struggling to fulfill the actual needs of a human being.

Here I am seeing caste and discrimination as a failure logic of society.

In the modern culture, all of us are practicing towards amenities. The first face of social class is moving towards consumption, to consume everything in the universe or they want to consume universe too.

And the second faces of social class practice everyday to reach initial phase of first class. In the true motivation of emaciation.

Everyday media is presenting statical data in which come to know that the rate of purchasing cars, posh flats, expensive trip and paraphernalia articles has increased.

Only in India; the data are saying  the rate of more consumption. It only means that more and more people are becoming eligible to consume different articles which are not possible for an ordinary person.


Absolutely, consumerism is about individual position in society. Everyone is in the same race.

And what all means; this means only to practice a conspicuous position in society, it is not about fulfilling our important necessities of life.

In the culture of modernity we are practicing unsatisfaction. Only we people are unsatisfied people. At the present moment of time, I am liking a mobile phone after a month I will go for later one because we are unsatisfied. Our likeness is temporal, we don’t believe in ourselves.

It is only a matter as, we see sky rockets. Children use to play in Diwali ( festival in Hinduism). We see it get destroyed only in a few seconds but we have never seen any star who is destroyed in seconds, companioning since life begins, companion of our every birth.