The Growth of Self Help Groups in Tamilnad aerial view.
abhisakthi | 26 Feb 2010

The Growth of Self Help Groups in Tamilnad aerial view.


The Growth of Self Help Groups in Tamilnad aerial view.
Self Help Groups had emerged as the link between individuals and local banks and cooperatives. And to help women to motivate. Live with Self confidence, self respect, it begins in Tamilnad 1989 by CM M.Karunanidhi,
SHG is group of rural poor who have volunteered to organize themselves into a group for eradication of poverty of the members. They agree to save regularly and convert their savings into a Common Fund known as the Group corpus. The members of the group agree to use this common fund and such other funds that they may receive as a group through a common management. The group formation will keep in view the following broad guidelines:   Generally a self-help group may consist of 10 to 20 persons. However, in difficult areas like deserts, hills and areas with scattered and sparse population and in case of minor irrigation and disabled persons, this number may be from 5-20. The difficult areas have to be identified by the State Level SGSY Committee and the above relaxation in membership will be permitted only in such areas.
Generally all members of the group should belong to families below the poverty line. However, if necessary, a maximum of 20% and in exceptional cases , where essentially required, up to a maximum of 30% of the members in a group may be taken from families marginally above the poverty line living contiguously with BPL families and if they are acceptable to the BPL members of the group. This will help the families of occupational groups like agricultural laborers, marginal farmers and artisans marginally above the poverty line, or who may have been excluded from the BPL list to become members of the Self Help Group. However, the APL members will not be eligible for the subsidy under the scheme. The group shall not consist of more than one member from the same family. A person should not be a member of more than one group. The BPL families must actively participate in the management and decision making, which should not ordinarily be entirely in the hands of APL families. Further, APL members of the Self Help Group shall not become office bearers (Group Leader, Assistant Group Leader or Treasurer) of the Group.
The group should devise a code of conduct (Group management norms) to bind itself. This should be in the form of regular meetings (weekly or fortnightly), functioning in a democratic manner, allowing free exchange of views, participation by the members in the decision making process.
The group should be able to draw up an agenda for each meeting and take up discussions as per the agenda.      The members should build their corpus through regular savings. The group should be able to collect the minimum voluntary saving amount from all the members regularly in the group meetings. The savings so collected will be the group corpus fund.     The group corpus fund should be used to advance loans to the members. The group should develop financial management norms covering the loan sanction procedure, repayment schedule and interest rates.
The members in the group meetings should take all the loaning decisions through a participatory decision making process.     The group should be able to prioritize the loan applications, fix repayment schedules, fix appropriate rate of interest for the loans advanced and closely monitor the repayment of the loan installments from the loanee.        The group should operate a group account preferably in their service area bank branch, so as to deposit the balance amounts left with the groups after disbursing loans to its members.     The group should maintain simple basic records such as Minutes book, Attendance register, Loan ledger, General ledger, Cash book, Bank passbook and individual passbooks. The sample proforma for maintenance of above records by the group is in the Annexure II for guidance. These could be used with necessary changes/ modifications wherever required.   50% of the groups formed in each block should be exclusively for the women. In the case of disabled persons, the groups formed should ideally be disability-specific wherever possible, however, in case sufficient number of people for formation of disability-specific groups are not available, a group may comprise of persons with diverse disabilities or a group may comprise of both disabled and non-disabled persons below the poverty line. 
“Rs.2400 crore amount Estimated to give members by bank credit during this current year “said by Dy CM Mr.Stalin.   And also he sent all members The New Year, Pongal festival greetings and a letter contain the schemes for Self Help Groups. And he also says Approximately 1 lack new self help groups to be organized in rural area for all below the poverty line women. Up to March 2008 from the beginning of these scheme women self help groups get only 3163.36crore through bank credit. In the year 2008-09 only the huge Rs.2174.57crore amount received by Shags in One year by the government taking special action. And after the Kalaignar come again CM 5th time now, 1,80,900 women self help groups get revolving fund, During this year 70000groups gets fund. And the best groups selected for Manimegalai Award by the Government.   And recently a function in Perumalkoundanpatti village at Dindigul District , the Dy.CM stalin said that he stands for time of 72 and half an hour for giving directly the revolving fund to woemen SHGs in tamilnad is also Guinness record during somedays. And also he open and viewed the exhibition show by SHGs of their products, and discuss with members.   All the members were answered eagerly to him. Ultimately it proves a SHG is economic backbone of women society.