The Housing.com and The Maverick CEO, Rahul Yadav
sahim ahmed | 08 Jul 2015

Housing.com and The 'Rahuls' of India "If you don't have HUMILITY, then, always be ready to get humiliated" (my Quotation). This quotation may be true but not always, especially if your first name is RAHUL. The recent sacking of the "brilliant but brash-minded" CEO of the by-now-famed house-hold name and highly successful start-up portal giving housing solutions to millions, Housing.com, has baffled all but the CEO, himself. And yes, the former CEO's name is Rahul Yadav.

The 26-year old Rahul had topped the state in his Class 12 board exams. He had been the class representative in his second year at IIT and also became the secretary of its student association. He has been a brilliant mind with Leadership qualities, too. But, probably, these great traits of him are playing second fiddle to his young and inexperienced ego. Anyway, let us talk about other famous Rahuls of India. Starting from the first family, Rahul Gandhi, who is having Humility and being Hard Working but still mostly get humiliated. But, he has made both "humility and getting humiliated" as his habits and hence never shows the sign of resigning.

Second is The Great Wall of India, Rahul Dravid. He had shown his humility even to the worst-bowled ball of his last Match. Finally, the present talk of the town, Rahul Yadav. A Genius who knows no humility, nor feel humiliated either, even after getting fired by the very company, which he himself had conceived, co-founded The Housing.com and The Maverick CEO, Rahul Yadav and brought up to bigger heights as a CEO. And no comment on the 'Filmy' RAHUL, who is just fictional and all he is made to do, is, only Romance. On the serious side of the story, lies the lesson : "Genius Individuals can be Best Investors, Inventors and Innovators, but not, necessarily Leaders.

Individually, whatever you are or you do, matters least. But when it comes to Making and Running an Institution, what matters most is Humility of its leader". Humility generally follows Success and not the vice verse. So, today's young Rahul also will become a successful leader with age and experience, as happened in the case of the great genius Technology Master Steve Jobs.