The Justice Brigade of NDTV - Anasuya Roy
Aditya Raj Kaul | 28 Feb 2007

Aditya Raj Kaul writes about his experiences and encounters with one of the best Crime Correspondents in India. “ I was just doing my job as a Journalist and an India…it was people who made the difference not me. I just reported what people wanted to kno

“I was just doing my job as a Journalist and an India…it was people who made the difference not me. I just reported what people wanted to know,” says Anasuya Roy, senior special correspondent NDTV.
It was just like any usual day for me. I remember, it was March 27th 2006; in the afternoon I was checking my inbox and realized there was a mail from correspondent of NDTV. It read “Hi Aditya, I am from NDTV and am trying to do a story on petitions in support of justice for Priyadarshani Mattoo...please contact me asap…-”. NDTV had come to know about my petition in support of Justice For Priyadarshani Mattoo. I replied back and within minutes a formally dressed lady was at my doorstep ready with a cameraperson and a NDTV mike in hand. After a quick conversation, she started interviewing me and the camera caught me in different emotions.
This lady was Anasuya Roy.
 The story was telecasted the next day. Later next day, NDTV asked me to come for a very special live panel discussion. I was asked for my opinion and what motivated me to start this campaign. I clearly remember the last question by the anchor: “Are you hopeful that justice will be done in the Mattoo Case?” After a brief gap, I replied “No, not at this moment.” This was the first day when Justice For Priyadarshani Mattoo campaign was formally launched in media.
Till a few days I couldn’t answer myself as to what motivated me to start this campaign. Honestly speaking, I had started the online petition just as any other ordinary person out of care and anguish within me. But today I want to thank Anasuya Roy, a senior crime correspondent with a difference who in reality has brought Justice to Priyadarshani Mattoo and even Jessica Lall. I may or may not have carried the movement forward but it was she who was my motivation, my strength and the real Brigade of Justice.
With a small story on me to a big movement called Justice For Priyadarshani Mattoo, Anasuya Roy has played an immensely important role in not only this sole movement but she has played a great role in changing the perception of people. I have tried to know more about her though in brief I hope I’ll be able to sum it up well.
Anasuya Roy was born on 30th April 1973 in Calcutta. She has done her schooling from St. Thomas School in New Delhi. Roy has studied history at the prestigious St. Stephens College and done her masters from Jawaharlal Nehru University. As I start asking her about getting into Journalism, blunt comes the reply, “It was accidental that I came into Journalism, actually, I had planned to give the UPSE...Thank god this accident happened”.
So, What was this accident??? – “Oh nothing just for fun joined News track and remained here for life till it became life itself”
It was in 1995 that Anasuya joined News track and finally landed up at NDTV in 1996. Her first show was the Good Morning India. In 2003, she started working as a crime correspondent with NDTV 24*7. She has been very active and a well-read reporter compared to others. Apart from crime she also started covering the Delhi Govt. since 2005.
NDTV was the first channel to start the Justice For Jessica Lal campaign and collected 2 lakh signatures in its support. In fact, Anasuya was the one to highlight the whole cause through her detailed and crisp stories. Her stories made the common man think of his rights and realize his duties. She pointed out at the flaws in the investigations and faults with the whole process. Her excellent stories caught the attention of the ordinary Indian citizen and off course the verdict by some of the courts were the main reasons for the general public to react in such massive way as never before. Unities in the Indian masses as never before as candlelight marches and solidarity walks were organized all over the country.
When asked about her stories that touched the heart of Indians, she replied, “ I was just doing my job as a Journalist and an India…it was people who made the difference not me. I just reported what people wanted to know.”
“I really feel it, no individual can do such a thing on their own unless others also do the same”, she adds.
She gives credit to the entire media for the victory. “I am sure each journalist put in their best foot forward that is the reason why the entire campaign gathered momentum...”But she has praises for her channel as well. This year she has completed 10 years in NDTV. “NDTV believes in Truth and we try our best to bring it to the people”, she adds quickly as we chat.
Anasuya Roy for me has reported for truth and justice. I salute her for her dedication to her profession. Rarely do we find people of her like, who report and highlight the real and not the reel, and above all bring justice to the families of the victims. Not only a sustained public campaign but also a continuous media activism has as well helped in fastening the whole process of justice.
I have personally known Anasuya for last almost 10 months and I’ve indeed learnt the real art of journalism from her. Her reporting takes you into the depth of the story be it on any issue. I’ve been eagerly following her stories as I’ve a keen interest in investigative journalism. Undoubtedly, at present she is country’s one of the best crime correspondents.
And indeed, this journalist star has an important message for all, “There is no replacing hard work...if u believe in a cause go for it…”
Lastly, as ever she wonderfully sums up the chat, “Actually, I believe in my school song…"Reach for the stars in the sky and when you reach there reach for the next star"
Anasuya has brought a change. A change, which was long time back needed. I just hope that as Anasuya Roy has proved that Journalism stands for truth, conviction, compassion and courage, this trend continues forever.