The loud Tears and silent cries
Manu Sharma | 02 Sep 2009

I had gone visiting a friend of mine and had come across a man beating a brutally deformed beggar the site moved me so much that it has prompted me to write this article.

The loud Tears and silent cries

The Beggar cried out aloud and the walls were even more unresponsive to his cry. The Beggar was writhing in pain; he was rolling on the filthy floor with just a square inch of skylight from the roof where the sunlight pierced that dingy room like a laser beam as if in a science fiction movie from that small gap. His screams were so loud that its echoes from those un resounding and cold walls died down with them.

He was dirty in his own urine and fasces. The Rat and the cockroach under mutual understanding attacked the hydrocarbons and the moisture as it was their food, their very nourishing survival. Badshah the boy was called and his initiation in the world’s cadres of beggars would be complete today if he could survive the healing of his disfigurement for a week. He was the only one left of those pack of 4 boys and the little girl confined to that room. He was lucky as the other boy had his organs, blood, bones, skin and hair sold to a hospital due to his rosy health, as he had just been kidnapped from the loving warmth of his mothers bosom which had become cold till now tears had run dry with her screams and cries now just a stifle whimpering, the sparkling light at the sight of her boy in the eyes vanquished so suddenly. The father banged his head on the wall and cursed himself for buying the tickets for his cousins wedding to Bombay. The other two had succumbed to the turmoil of disfigurement due to their frail mind and body and still a weaker will. The Girl was pretty and was packed off to the brothel where she would be sacrificed to the lust of policemen first and then anybody to everybody for a price after she had attained the age of 10 or even earlier if she looked ten depending upon her physical development

Welcome to new independent India where TOP Bureaucrat BUREAUCRATS, POLICE & POLITICIANS run this horrendous business of flesh and beggary with the help of local goondas. They would gnaw the meat of the bones of our children if given the chance. Today there is no difference between child abuse, exploitation, child trafficking as they are now being conducted as an illegal but organized crime related business by the many mafia syndicates prevalent throughout the length and breadth of the country. The state mafias are reporting to a central mafia boss in this trade. They are well organized and so much so socially entrenched in the society in the guise of politicians, Bureaucrat, doctors, surgeons, policemen and the antisocial elements that their tracing of activities & the resultant removal by the law of the land is just next to impossible. They also run restaurants which serve human flesh or simply put propagation of cannibalism like in the Nithari Case in Meerut, WHERE THE HIGH AND MIGHTY OF THE NATION WERE SERVED, THEY FIRST ABUSED THE CHILDEREN THEN CONSUMED THEM AND AFTER THAT THE ORGANS WERE SOLD OF BY THE DOCTOR NEXTDOOR.

Looking into the eyes of those beggars found in abundance in  the many public places such as street corners or public transport, where they request money, most commonly in the form of spare change in any means to collect from their disfigured hands, feet, broken cups, boxes or caps to collect the donations tells a gory tale of destitution, torture and human neglect. The inhuman disfigurement and alterations of their physical forms more or less tells the truth. The biggest tool in beggary is the use of fallacy in having the donor willingly part with wealth apart from the emotional blackmail.

The most powerful tool of fallacies trap a willing donor often exploiting emotional triggers in the listener or interlocutor. The general public should be trained by the many NGO in how to avoid being entrapped by them. Beggary will automatically finish if the public stops enriching them. In India there are numerous beggar gangs active on all religious places and are very well organized. The Police and the big shots are hand in glove with them as if they will they can stop it this scourge in no time hence their inaction is the very proof of their involvement. Surprisingly our media is also quite on Beggary and Child prostitution as if they are a part of the crime.

This scourge of Beggary and related crime on humanity has to be tackled very strictly and promptly by our society. Only Death penalty as the only punishment for the perpetrators of such heinous crimes is the only solution.