The Mahatma lives on in Zambian hearts
Rajiv Azad | 06 Jan 2011

It is not Indians alone who remember Gandhi with pride and love. Zambian National Assembly Speaker Amusa K Mwanamwamba calls him 'The son of Africa'

ZAMBIAN NATIONAL Assembly Speaker Amusa K Mwanamwamba is in Delhi on an official visit to participate in the Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of Commonwealth Countries (CSPOC).
While visiting an exhibition based on Parliamentary democracy organized at Vigyan Bhawan under the aegis of the Lok Sabha Secretariat, Mr. Mwanamwamba said to some media persons, “Mahatma Gandhi is the son of Africa, we share the legacy of Gandhi with India.” He also said that Gandhi’s days spent in Africa inspired him to practice the policy of non violence which played a major role in Zambia’s freedom struggle.
Gandhi’s philosophy and teachings are still relevant and continue to inspire millions of people across the world. His immortal spirit was also honored in the year 2007 when the United Nations decided to celebrate his birth anniversary as the International Day of Non Violence.
Gandhi is one of those Indians whose work and achievements have left their mark everywhere in the world. However, this remarkable man’s memory has never been honored with the Nobel Prize. The question of why looms larger than ever now when the award has been bestowed on the young US President who surely has much to achieve yet.