The Mysterious Midnights
amit mote | 14 Dec 2009

The mysterious midnight

“Why are you not coming, Shrikant? “ I said in sleepy mood.
“Fine, then I and Dawari will go at 12.00am,”
I said and hanged up the phone. It was 10.00pm by now. I looked at Dawari. Dawari had just gone into dreams as soon as he heard the timing 12.00am. Dawari possess irrepressible sleep.
We crossed the side gate of our college. I and Dawari and shrikant were the visitors of our study room late night during PL. We came in front of the electrical department.
“Hey, Amit look, there is no lock at the shutter today.” Dawari vociferated. We tardily went near the shutter.
“There is indeed no lock for the shutter, great observation man.”
“I am a good observer and you know that” he admitted.
We both looked at each other eyes like the two treasures who just have got the last clue of a treasure. And the treasure was indeed significant academically.
“Are u thinking the same what I am thinking” I tried to incarnate my thoughts.
He smiled exuberantly, “how do you read my mind so correctly”
The cabin of our economics teacher was in electrical department. The exam was ten days ahead. So the papers must have been set by ma’am. So there was chance for ma’am to leave a manuscript of the paper in her desk.
We cautiously opened the shutter about 15 cms only and rubbed our ventricle side to the concrete base just like the soldiers on cloak-and-dagger mission. But at that time I realized how much thin we were. Suddenly a voice echoed in the department “jungle jungle pata chala hai, chhadi pahen ke phul khila hai.”
“Please keep your phone silent” Dawari enounced.
The ring tone had brought quivering in my body. I followed dawari. An ammeter kept on a table was unintentionally given kinetic energy by dawari‘s bag and was about to create clangor in the extra silent department
“Don’t “I said in soliloquy as I balanced the ammeter on my fragile ankle. Dawari picked it up. We entered ma’am `s cabin, took out our mobile torches and started surveying.
“Oh no. its locked “I said with utter disappointment.
“The cupboard. Its locked man “I elucidated.
Amit opened the drawer of the table and took out a bunch of keys with his main hoon na smile.
“How did you know that “I said astonishingly but very jubilant to see those keys?
“I saw ma’am once keeping in the drawer. You know, I am good observer”
We started scrutinizing every file and every document for nearly half and hour and finally the thirst of my eyes was quenched. The economics paper was in my hand.
“Here it is “I said.
“Let’s move from here. We will read in our room.” Dawari said.
We kept the files inside and locked the cupboard. I was fagged. I leaned back and thudded over the wall. With a second, the tube light in the cabin brought immense light in the extra dark department abruptly. My heart started palpitating fast. It was about to pounce out from my mouth. Amit pushed me sideways and switched off the tube lights.
“You had unpurposefully switched off the lights by your buns.” Dawari jested.
“How did u know that the switch is there ?” I wondered.
“You know I am a “
“A good observer “I completed his sentence.
We came out of the department, pulled down the shutter and started walking towards the side gate.
“Hey you boys, stop there.” A voice came from our backside. I was very much inquisitive to see who the enigma was. The person came very close to us. We looked back. He was the security head of our college. Thoughts ran here and there in my mind. Did he saw the light flashed for few seconds in the department, or did he hear the sound of ring tone? Or was it a trap to keep the shutter open and see who goes inside like the mouse trap we keep at home. Will I be rusticated from the college? My dad‘s angry face started flashing in front of me.
“Today, I will teach you a lesson for going through wrong ways” the security head said frenetically. My heart sank down like the lift falling from tenth floor. My heart was experiencing zero acceleration.
“What is our mistake, mama?” dawari said in a mellifluent voice. I have heard him many times talking in such sweet tone with his mother on phone when he gets less marks.
“How many times I have told you not to go from side gate after 11.00 pm? But still you didn’t listen to me” he said vexed.
“Oh that. Mama, we are very sorry. We forgot as we talking about the studies. We will go by the main gate.” dawari said.
“I leave you this time, but will not leave the next time.” He said.
“Thank you for your kindness, once again Sorry.” I said.
“I don’t understand why do this security guards care for these things. Why do they feel pinched if we go by the side gate.” I said as we passed the main gate.
“They just throw their wrath of being given night duty”.
“So how much grade you will get now in economics”?
“Not less than AB”
“At least we would score well in economics “.
“Ya, that’s for sure “
“What if we get every paper of this semester?”
“Every department is not going to keep the shutters open, you fool.” I said clearing his dubiety
We entered our room. “Remove the paper. I am very eager to see it.” Dawari said inquisitively.
“Ganpati bappa always helps me in problems. That’s why we were saved even after the ring tone ringing in the department, the tube lights flashing, the ammeter and the security guard.” I said while I was unzipping my bag.
“But he doesn’t allow me to be successful without hard work.” I said as I brought the paper in front of my eyes.
“What happened? Why your face is fallen down?” dawari enquired.
I handed him the paper. He took a look over the paper and leaned backwards and started laughing. I also went back and started laughing. We were laughing hilariously at the different emotions that ruled us an hour before. Anger, anxiety, contempt, embarrassment, frustration, remorse, ecstasy, curiosity, fear, pride and hysteria all these had been replacing each other from our mind in the last hour.
What? U didn’t get it? I thought you readers must have got it. It was an economics paper but of last year and we too fools took so much efforts vivaciously and brought home the previous years paper. Actually it was my mistake not to look at the date of the paper.