The New World Order
Manu Sharma | 21 Jul 2017

A clearcut synopsis of the direction our world is heading into based on religion, politics and economies.

The world sees itself through its own perspective, the perspective of a powerful few & never by its own. Even countries see themselves in two perspectives of either in their present or future tense.

Now that is important & that's how it should be. India has the misfortune of looking at the world from other's perspective and never through its own. Our nation today desperately needs to see the world in its own independent way and form a strong self-oriented vision, which its people & the world truly accepts.

Today why are we the centre of news in the world is a question our polity should ask itself first, then contemplate before finalizing a vision? Things are slowly changing in this ever-changing world as per a wider plan. This plan is manmade or made in heaven will always remain a big question mark.

We are in the midst of a major political change post World War II that this world could never imagine. Like it or not, India is in the center of things. Our futuristic decisions in lieu of our country's economy and military will have a decisive impact on us and the entire world. The time has come to take sides, as now remaining a neutral country in the new world order is next to impossible.

The British as per their divide and rule policy successfully divided this world post World War I & II with their famous Sykes–Picot Agreement, the division of India into Myanmar, East & West Pakistan & the ethnic divide of the Arab World based on tribal hierarchy but mainly on Shiite & Sunni basis was based on it. They did not realize that they sowed the seeds of their own doomsday with it.

Today as the time churns so does our world. A new formidable and deadly shape of our world is now emerging, based on factors like economy, population, precious and limited but fast depleting natural resources etc. A selfish, miserly and conservative state of affairs is now a reality with every independent country. As a countries survival depends on its own acumen and power, a new world order is emerging out of this need. Yesterdays sworn enemies are today's best friends.

Let's now see the world from our own perspective and also have a look in the mirror ourselves at the same time. As the world is changing so is the political scenario with it. However, unknown to us new political and economic alliances are shaping up our future and that of the world with us. As UPA failed to change and act timely, to move with the changes, its demise into oblivion is imminent. In our nation's modus operandi of change, Modi ji is the phenomenon designed by nature or God whatever one believes in for our country's survival in the near future. Modi ji is infact the result of raw and honest public opinion. This public opinion is very important, as it subconsciously knows what is actually ailing the country and is in the know how of the remedial procedures. Just like Modi ji, Mr Donald Trump is the result of such a popular public opinion in USA.

Economy: The worlds depleting natural resources & burgeoning populations in general is affecting the economies of the world rather sculpting them into newer shapes or economic models. A country with access to the most part of natural resources and manufacturing will be the survivor in the end. There is only one agenda and that is survival. Forex reserves are going to be meaningless within a span of a few years as countries resources will decide its currency value and secondly the world's division into two rival economic corridors based on political thought and religious divide will make currencies meaningless. Currencies will only dominate internal expenditures and profits in the two political alliances with derivative value of the most aggressive player. Conservative economies with an aim of zero dependence on other markets, manufacturing or technical help will be the norm. India will see a boom time with its young population if it plays its cards well. Bharat has to formulate a policy depending upon its natural & human resources, where skill development with quality education along with resources management of our natural reserves of crude, forest, minerals and metals on both sea and surface will take the front seat.

Religion: The world because of the above economic necessities by law of nature will itself find the best of alliances based on religion and common political thinking. In the future India will side with the Christians so as would do the Buddhists in their war against the Ottoman Empire. China is also a Hindu state, which Bharat or even China little realizes it. There concept of ancestor, Gods, heaven and demons are similar. But China has its future plans clear cut based on its economic agenda.

Environment: The shifting of the polls and the tropics is finally affecting the Earth's magnetic field and ultimately our climate along with the reasons behind Green House Syndrome. The North Pole or the Arctic Circle as we know will melt in today's places and shift towards the Chinese Gobi desert converting North China into the Greenland of the future. Global warming will play a measure role in making or undoing of China along with many other countries.

Political: The fallout in the coming future would see the rise of the Ottoman Empire, the Christian world and their allies. The world will be ruled by this norm. The Russians will ultimately have to take the side of the Christian world though much later. Truly but surely the Caliphate will be a reality. The Shiite and Sunnis will bury their hatchets and unite for survival. The Chinese are actually landlocked with India sitting between them & the rest of the world in the Indian Ocean. The natural South pole Antarctic resources are more in India's reach than any other countries. For China the One Belt One Road (OBOR), China Pakistan Economic Corridor & the Silk Route are a part of its futuristic policy. Space wars for control of planets will also be a major factor deciding the fate of our futuristic world..

USA, Christian Europe, Britain, Christian Africa, Buddhist & Hindu Asia, Japan, Australia, Haiti will form the Christian Alliance against the Muslim Alliance of Russia, Ottoman Empire, China, and Islamic Asia & Africa. Nepal & Tibet will be the only exceptions to side with China.

The world as we all know will be divided as such and World War III if ever a reality will be between these two.